Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Your Daily Sports Nutrition - Beat VAT & Save 20%

Month End Sports Nutrition Offers from Active Edge Solutions

Sports Nutrition Daily Sports Supplements
 " When only the best will do"

Start your daily sports nutrition within 1 hour of waking for best results - Syner-protein and Omega 3 EPA - Good for muscle build, recovery and repair. Helps build strong healthy muscles at a cellular level and helps reduce inflammation. 

Syner-protein - Save 20% Was £15.75 now only £ 12.76
One scoop of Chocolate and one scoop of Vanilla

Add to this 1 scoop of TNT for powerful protection, low in GI, cleases digestive tract, increases energy and helps protect from environtmental pollutions and helps you to meet your daily fibre intake. Increases energy levels.  RDA 30grams which is the equivalent to 7.5 bowls of porridge. Most people in the UK do not consume anywhere near the right amount of fibre. Scientific healthy studies show by increasing fibre intake reduces risks to colonic cancer by up to 31%.

For best sports performance results take prior to and during exercise and add 1 serving of Zambroza to make it even better still.

Omega 3 Epa - Save 20 % Was £13:45  now only £ 10.76 

TNT - Save 20%  Was £20.95   now only £ 16.76

Zambroza powerful anti-oxident drink, it's the endorsed by ORAC and is 300% more powerful than any other anti-oxident drink on the market. - Save 20% Was £ 21.50 now only £17.20

Taken post exercise for muscle recovery, repair, growth and protection. Take 1 scoop of syner-protein, 1 scoop of TNT, 1 portion of Zambroza and Omega 3 EPA. These work best, taken within 20 mins and up to 2 hours after exercise. 

These sports nutrition offers are only available on-line until 5pm, 30th December 2010.  Orders placed after this time will revert back to the full prices and VAT will be applied at 20%.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Get a Grip

This weather has been sent to try us, with so much snow and ice around

It is so easy to slip and  your shoes have less than desirable grip.

One of my lovely Nordic Walkers attended a recent walk wearing a pair of this amazing grippers, that simply slipped onto the bottom of her shoe. An ideal solutions for being outside in on the frozen ground. She also advised these are totally unsuitable for wearing inside.

Here is to putting your best foot forwards, no matter the weather get a grip before you slip You will be certain of some good grip and less slip with these fantastic grippers.  

January Health and Fitness Bargains

Everyone's looking for bargains right now and I've been on a hunt to find some great health and fitness bargains just for you to help you with your health and fitness goals for the coming year.  

Taking a quick look around the store I see there's equipment for fitness, videos to tell you what to do and books to tell you how to do it.  Such a lot of fitness boosting bargains to help you improve your health and fitness, there is something to suit every budget. There are fitness bands galore, very easy to use, you can store them anywhere, in a drawer table, in your bag under a chair.    Ideal for a bit of light stress relief to make light work of your fitness, economic on your time and budget. 

Take a look inside to see what's in store for you. However, if space is not your issue, you may fancy investing in a Reebok Deck.  Go on take a deck inside. You might just bag yourself a big fat audacious bargain to boost your health and fitness for 2011.   Need some one-to-one motivation, to keep you going, or a training plan to improve your chances of success, do get in touch for your own personal plan.

Sports Nutrition - The SynerProtein Difference - products and services from Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training

There is a direct correlation between a fitness programme and the increased demands of the body. Often this is overlooked and little understood. As a result, over time, the depletion of certain nutrients can reduce the body's performance and create health issues.

For many years the sports industry has been dominated by companies promoting stimulant products that can adversely affect our health. Side-effects can include: mineral depletion, restless mucles, excess inflammation in the body, excess fat storage and increased risks to heart disease, type II diabetes and/or osteoporosis amongst others.

Over the years, Rob Dulieu, Guiness World Record challenger for the PLANK tried many protein and other sports nutrition products and by far the best protein he has found is SynerProtein, produced by the award winning Nature's Sunshine healthy company. Others fail to hit the mark when it comes to body performance, muscle repair, muscle growth or weight management progammes. To find out more about SynerProtein and what it can do for you and get your FREE healthy eating plan send and e-mail request.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Alternative Gym - Time Table

Looking for some alternative fitness for the new year, here are some up and coming ways to GREEN up your Health and Fitness. Take a look at these fun and fabulous fitness activities. 

Upcoming Courses

21-12-2010: From Bottle To Bird Feeder

10:00 - 12:00

24-12-2010:  Festive Fabulous Fitness Walk

09:45 - 11:30

02-01-2011: Bus-Walk - Seek that spire

12:10 - 15:40

09-01-2011: Ketton Foray

12:15 - 17:11

10-01-2011: Green on Public Speaking

18:15 - 21:00

15-01-2011: Nordic Walk Taster Session

10:15 - 11:00

15-01-2011: Step Up it's the YMCA GYM open day

10:00 - 16:00

15-01-2011: Aerobic Studio Fitness

13:00 - 14:00

15-01-2011: ViPR Vitality Fitness Taster Session

15:00 - 15:30

15-01-2011:  Fitness Walking Taster Session

14:30 - 15:00

You can help a good cause and start your way to better health and fitness at the same time.  So many choices, there's bound to be one to suit you.
Better shape up, better shake up your fitness for a greener session in 2011
For more information and to book your place, click here :

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ten Low Cost Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals

Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals need to be constantly thinking of how to market their business. To avoid an expensive advertising campaign which may not pay a return on your investment here are some things to consider :

1) The use of branded clothing – make sure that what you wear has the web address of your business on it. This gives people who see you out Personal Training a chance to register your website address in their memory and visit your site later. A couple of good quality branded T-shirts cost me less than £35.

2) Website - You need to have a website for folks to visit even if it is only a one page with a brief outline of your personal training services and your contact details. You can always extend your site at a later date to include multiple pages and/or a blog-based site. A domain name and hosting would cost you around £40 a year. There are many free software packages which will allow a novice to build a useful site, mine is built using Mr Site. Wordpress blogs and Blogger are low in cost too.
Mr Site Takeaway Website. Build a professional website in minutes.

3) Top Marketing Tip - Always carry a number of business cards with you to give to anyone who speaks to you about what you are doing. Many people are intrigued to know because they may not have seen a Personal Trainer before. 250 business cards of decent quality can cost you as little as £6.00 plus vat ( ask me for details, double sided colour £40.00)

4) Train people in popular places to “be seen” – parks and popular walking/cycling routes should be on your timetable of training and fitness walks. There is no point in always Personal Training in isolated places.

5) Attend events, event work gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents and create visibility to people who do not know what you do. Especially useful for therapists.

6) Look the part – always wear clean cloths and decent water proofs , tracksters/trousers/shorts and quality trainig shoes suitable for the job this will make you look professional and that is what people want in an instructor. Maintaining a clean, neat and smart appearance costs time and effort.

7) Be prepared to start a conversation with strangers about Personal Training, its benefits and what you can to offer in terms of instruction – promotional cost , zero !

8) From time to time offer free taster sessions. Personal Training has one weakness and that is its difficult for the observer to appreciate the effort you are putting into the instruction unless someone tries it for themselves. Give your prospect a chance via a free taster session. Do this locally and make people come to you for their free taster.
Connect with Active Edge Solutions on ipatter
9) Use Social Media such as Twitter , Facebook LinkedIn, Ipatter

10) Join an off-line not-for-profit support and collaboration group like O4 ACTIVE to help you build your local networks and get great support to help you become successful.

Follow Activeedge on TwitterFor more great tips on marketing your health and fitness business. Follow me  at  we currently have 469 followers. Connect with us on Linkedin, Ipatter and become a Fan on Facebook.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Today's Top Tip for Health and Fitness Professionals

Building a Professional Profile on Linked In.

Some time ago I was introduced to this platform of connecting with others in a professional sense and many people miss this opportunity to promote their Health and Fitness businesses and build professional links.  This is why I decided today to share this top tip today to help all you busy health and fitness professionals who never took the time or perhaps you did not know it existed. Now you do.  
View Susan Burnett's profile on LinkedIn

When you click on this button it will take you to my professional profile on "Linked in".  You are invited to connect with me on Linked in.    

In business it's important to develop professional networking relationships in addition to social network relationships like twitter and facebook amongst many others out there. Many health and fitness professionals are building their social platforms for connecting on twitter and facebook.

This top tip is not always known by busy health and fitness professionals. So do take a few moments to view my profile and add me to yours should you have one, if not add me as a connection once you have added your professional profile. Look forward to linking with you in a professional sense find me on facebook and and twitter too for more great tips like this. Start connecting now! Sue Burnett, Inspirational Personal Trainer.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Choosing Nordic Walking Poles - Nordic Walk Pole length

There are many things to consider when choosing your Nordic Walking poles.

In the bag

The 2011 collection of Exel Poles are now available for pre-order and we want to assist all our Nordic Walkers to make sure the choose the right poles for right reasons.
Pole Length

To determine the right pole length.

1. Calculate 0.68 x height in cm and round down to nearest pole size.

2. Standing on a flat surface, hold pole vertical with elbow pushed next to side of body
( upper arm vertical, lower arm at right angles to the upper arm)

Height of Person
Ft In cms          Pole Length
5 0   152            105
5 1   155            105
5 2   157            105
5 3   160            110
5 4    163           110
5 5    165           110
5 6    168           115
5 7    170           115
5 8    173           115
5 9    175           120
5 10  178           120
5 11  180           120
6 0    183           125

Factors affecting pole length
There are various factors that might affect pole length. Some examples that might affect the biomechanics are
hip impairments, body geometry e.g. Leg length shorter than normal. In each of these cases as shorter
pole is recommended.

To determine the right length for you, we suggest you try the nearest size in your class to help you decide
which is most comfortable.

Ideally your choice has to be the right one for you. A lot of walking on hard surfaces, high mileage and/or
painful joints we recommend a pole with a higher proportion of carbon fibre.

Walking on soft surfaces and normal joint action. All poles are suitable.
In the future you may have a range of poles suited to different activities or terrains.

The best all round pole is the : ALIS trainer poles we supply for you to use in class but equally all poles are high in
quality and durability.

You may find other pole other places which may be totally unsuitable for what you want to do.  e.g. Trekking poles are totally unsuitable for Nordic Walking.  We do not recommend attempting to Nordic Walk with a trekking pole it is not designed for this activity.   These  alternatives will also differ vastly in quality and durability. For example they may not be heat treated and this may result in the pole shattering or you may find theydo not have good quality paws for walking on hard surfaces or replacement parts when parts wear out. One of my previous clients bought a pair of poles and immediately went through the ends of the paws rendering them next to useless on hard surfaces. Also he was unable to obtain replacement parts. Another client bought a pair of poles and they had no rubber paws available. So again a false economy.

We want you to make the choice that is right for you, should you have any questions or need further advice
on selecting the right pole for you please contact us as soon as you can. We will send your a price list and brochure for information and answer any questions you may have.  Happy Nordic Walking, snow has been predicted which will enable us to go Nordic Ski Walking.  Hooray!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Facebook Badge for Active Edge Solutions. Become a fan today.

Becoming a Fan of Active Edge Solutions _ Personal Training helps us to spread the work about getting more people, more active, more often.  It's easy to become a fan, if you like this page you just 'click on the 'like' button.  Find us on Facebook: Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training 
Promote your Page too

DIAL Sports Fitness for all who who want to become fitter in supportive environment. Join us today for fun, fabulous, fitness sessions at the YMCA gym.

Today at the YMCA GYM, DIAL sports fitness session led by YMCA trained, Active Edge Solutions, Personal Trainer Sue Burnett .  She said "we had two potential members who were recovering from stroke, others who wish to watch their weight,  a partially sighted member and some members who had problems with the spine.   Each and ever one of these current and potential members did not know DIAL Fitness sessions exist. They do not want to go to mainstream gyms and prefer a much more gentle approach to fitness and health. "

One of the DIAL fitness members, Lulu said " It isn't always easy but it is is worthwhile and it makes a bit difference. I feel tired when I have done the sessions but it is a good tired"

Sharon another regular at the gym, who is paritially sighted said " Talking newspapers is a great way to spread the word to people like myself. 

Shortly after Lulu and Sharon left the gym to continue with their day Peter arrived with his partner.  He is stroke survivor and the tought of going to a mainstream gym really didn't do it for him. A quick tour of the gym and the equipment has given him new hope to help him manage his weight and imporve the functionality in his right hand side.  He is looking forward to his induction next week and joining in the fun on Monday's at 10 until 12. 

For more information about DIAL sports fitness sessions.  Contact Bryan Tyler : 01733 265 551 or Sue Burnett 07901 937 665

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Add this to yours... Check in, and check this out. Special bonus available for regular clients. Details to be advised. Waiting on confirmation from Foursquare. Look forward to you checking in. You could be the mayor of this location. Check it out. Personal training extraordiare, Sports and Remedial Massage, Nutrition. You get points every time you visit the clinic. Take good care of yourself.

Look forward to seeing you soon at Active Edge Solutions.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Connecting your world on ipatter

Connect with ipatterThere's a whole world of possibilities for making good connections on ipatter. Do connect with us, network, we look forward to sharing with you, news, events, hints and tips about how to become fitter and healthier and much much more.  We Look forward to connecting with you soon, warm regards, Sue, Active Edge Solutions.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Charlie's First Nordic Walking Steps

City based British Nordic Walking Instructor Sue Burnett is proud to present the first M&S voucher to Charlie who has been taking his first Nordic walking steps towards better health and fitness. The vouchers were supplied by the GETBACKINTO initiative with Living Sport/Sport England and M&S.

Today Charlie joined the group for the third time and he was delighted to have found this group fitness session with a difference. He was inspired to take up Nordic Walking after seeing an advert in the the local evening paper.

Initially he was interested in fitness walking with a group of like minded people and when he arrived the first week he wondered what everyone was doing with the poles. Three weeks into the program he is taking to it like a duck to water.

The regular Nordic Walkers welcome Charlie to their midst and are supporting his efforts to get to grips with this new technique.

Sue said " With the addition of Charlie to the group, the boys will soon be out numbering the girls."  The day time group on a Wednesday attracted the ladies, who will be no doubt be happy to receive their M&S treat next week.

Still time to snap up one of the remaining places on the course next week, contact Sue to find out more. Visit her website : Activeedgesolutions

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Active Edge Solutions - Learn to Nordic Walk

Active Edge Solutions - Learn to Nordic Walk

Today we launched our Get Back Into a Healthier Lifestyle Learn to Nordic Walk Program with Active Edge Solutions, backed by Living Sports, Sports England and M&S.

It was great to see such a good response to this new initiative.  What a super start to this new course.

This campaign is designed with the ladies in mind and to help more people get more active, more often and there is much to gain through this fun easy to learn activity. The course still has a few places left for anyone who didn't quite make it the first week.

Today we tackled getting to grips with cuffs, paws and much much more, improving walking techniques, postural improvements, stretching and limbering up with the poles. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. It was really easy in the sun.

Next week we hope the sun stills shines> Plan 'A' at the park, plan 'B' may be at an indoor venue a Nordic fun, fitness and functionality session using the poles. 

We're really looking forward to next week and getting to grips with some pole planting and more Nordic Walking in store. Next week when the group members return they will get their first M & S voucher.

Details to be advised for this fun, fabulous fitness sessions. There are still one or two places left on this course so if you fancy a new way to improve your fitness in a fun way this fall. Contact Sue now to snap up one of the remaining places. Visit www. for more info or call Sue now on: 07901 937 665

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nordic Walking in Peterborough Today

How did you celebrate your 10 years of Nordic Walking on Worldwide Nordic Walk day?

On the 10th of the 10th 2010 - in Peterborough, I took my trusty Nordic Walking poles for a CITY based walk of 13.1 miles. The Great Eastern Run, Peterborough provided the perfect route to provide an inspiration for those celebrating sports and fitness in the city of Peterborough.  Nordic Walking is so low in impact, you get the same intensity as running but without the impact. 

This fantastic event was featured in Peterborough Today.  Hope you had as much fun on the day, it was a SUN-Tastic and lots of fun for everyone. You might like to join me in training for the next BIG Nordic Walking Event.  Big or Small we love them all.    New Learn to Nordic Walk Classes start 20 October in connection with M&S healthier lifestyle and Sport England. Website; To book your place ask Sue: 07901 937 665.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Reducing Toxic Overload

Every winter many people suffer from coughs, colds and flu like symptoms that seem to linger on and on. Often this can be a sign of the body trying to rid itself of waste and toxic overload.

Reducing Toxic Overload

Early this year I attended a seminar run by Saira Salmon a highly accredited nutritionist where she explained more about toxic overload in todays world and what it would do to the body if left unchecked. Stress, CHD, high cholestorol, diabetes, strokes to name but a few insidious diseases that can be avoided by building up our body's defenses.

'Toxic Overload' A body full of toxins will lower the immune systems and provide an ideal environment for bacteria, parasites and eventual disease.

Also, many people's diets are low in fibre, which often creates irregular and infrequent bowel movements adding to the bodys toxic overload.

 Toxic overload is caused by what we are exposed to in the atmposphere, what is sprayed on the crops, what we ingest through through our skin, what we ingest through our food and water, the products we use on our hair and body. Toxins are everywhere, in the air and in our water, medication can be toxic too, e.g. amalgum fillings removals are handled as toxic waste, there is not much respite.

Exposure to active people can be even greater than sedentary people when it comes to atmospherics and how many people do you know say I do not like the taste of water? Do you remember the Camelford disaster when toxic chemical waste was emptied into drinking water by mistake?

There several stages of reducing and eliminating toxins from the body and our lives to help decrease toxic overload. Saira had undergone the process herself and it wasn't until she started to cleanse her body that she realised the extend of damage it had caused. Today she helps many people to restore their health through better nutrition and healthier eating and is a great advocate of Nature Sunshine Products to help restore the body's balance.

 Toxins are stored in many parts of the body therefore it is important to use a detox to cleanse the entire body. Help is at hand, the healthy starter pack is a unique 10 day herbal detox designed to cleanse the body of celluar waste.

Healthy Starter Program. The first step to a healthier you is to start by eliminating waste and toxins before building up your body's defenses. This consists of three products effective 10 day healthy starter pack,liquid chlorophyll and bifidophilus Flora Force this program is a great way to begin your detoxing process and it can also help to increase your resistance to disease.

  1. Healthy Starter Pack
  2. Liquid Chlorophyll
  3. Bifidophilus Flora Force

Effective Ten Day Healthy Starter Pack

Health specialists across the world recommend a unique 10 day herbal detox called the Healthy starter pack. This effective detox is easy to take alongside a normal healthy diet. Results are better if you omit red meat, alcohol and caffeine from your diet during the 10 days. Health experts recommend this program 2-3 times a year to give your body a periodic 'spring clean'. Drink plenty of water with the detox to flush out toxins. Half way through the program many people expercience a heightened sense of wellbeing and a increased level of energy. DO NOT Detox if you are pregnant or very ill. This is not recommended for children.

Liquid Chlorophyl
A refreshing 'minty' tasting drink, add 1 teaspoon to a glass of water. Enjoy an array of health benefits, natural cleansing of blood, deodorising, antioxident and support to the healthy starter pack.

Bifidophilus Flora Force - Probiotics, feel good on the inside.

Health specialists recommend the use of a Probiotic supplement after detoxing, and following a course of medication like antibiotics, which can delete the body's supply of friendly bacteria. Factor such as stress, disease, environmental conditions or the use of certain medicine can harm these friendly bacteria. Prescribed antibiotics practically wipe out these beneficial bacterium.

This highly effective probiotic is designed to replenish your friendly flora (friendly bacteria). It contains vitamins for the body and plays an important role in supporting your immune system against disease and to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients and food. When you finish the 10 day detox, take bifidophilus (non-milk) for one month to replenish your friendly flora.

To order your healthy starter program , click here : Healthy Starter Program

Here is to your better health this winter, may all your activities be friendly and fun.

Sue Burnett
Personal Trainer
Health and Fitness Specialist

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Getting More People, More Active, More Often: PETERBOROUGH

Join Active Edge Solutions and Get Back INTO A healther lifestyle!

Everyone, young or old, needs to lead an active lifestyle to stay or become healthier. By increasing your activity might have a postitive and immediate impact on you and your loved one's lives. You will start to feel better about yourself, increase your energy levels, improve sleep patterns and be better able to cope with stress and anxiety.

Active Edge Solutions is on a mission to persuade more people, to be more active, more often. Are you up for it? If you are, why don't you sign up for one of our GET BACK INTO a healthier lifestyle courses this autumn. Nothing to loose, but a few pounds, lots to gain, a healthier lifestyle - 'Priceless'.

Many health guidelines suggests we should take up to 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity, five days a week, this would be enough to improve your health. 'Every little helps' – whether you Fitness Walk for 5 minutes, go to the gym for 10 minutes or Nordic walk for 20 minutes. Once you've experienced the thrill of getting active, you'll soon find you're reaching that recommended daily levels of 30 minutes.

At your Active Edge Solutions fitness classes or personal training, you’ll find the encouragement, support and the motivation you need to help you increase your activity levels.

We're here to encourage you. So remember, whatever time you can fit in, it all adds up to a more Peterborough people, being more active, more often.

For the latest news, active lifestyle hints and tips, and exclusive offers follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Nordic Fun Walk 10th of the 10th 2010 Birthday Celebrations

Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training is throwing down the gauntlet. We have Nordic FUN Walkers entered in the GREAT EASTERN Fun Run, 4km let's make it 10 or more for the 10th celebration. Who will join us in the fun 4km on the 10th of the 10th 2010?

To enter the event on line click here: on-line entries

Time to put those poling skills into action.

We will celebrate this birthday with a fun Nordic Walk in the City of Peterborough and have a BIG BIRTHDAY cake complete with candles. We would love you to join us it will be great fun and a fantastic atmosphere. Feel good, feel happy, feel the fun factor with a capital 'F'. Nordic Walk for FUN this October!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


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REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network

REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network
This year the REPs convention is a must for all health and fitness professionals who wish to gain the active edge on the health and fitness industry. The Leisure Industry Week, opened today 21 September with an opening keynote speech from the fitness industry association and the REPs convention opens with a speech from John Byers (REPS) 23 September.

It's an ideal place for health and fitness professionals to network with the UK leaders in the Leisure, Sports, Health and Fitness Industry. On show will be a great range of suppliers and providers, for indoor play operators, networking opportunities, leisure facilities, sports , pool and spa, healtha and fitness industry.

You will also find out more about tools for your trade which range from the Goal accerator System designed to help your gym keep it's current members happy and generate new membership sales to tools that help you build a successful fitness business. The guys who has set up the systems have invited many health and fitness professionals to find out more about these and other systems. I've reserved a copy of my FREE book and intend to pick it up at the show. When I attend the convention on Thursday.

There's an exciting day lined up at the REPS convention, it'll be jam packed with exciting fitness news and workshops that will help me gain the active edge on the fitness industry this year. I'll report back on this later this week. Calling all Personal Trainers out there that work in a Gym or are freelance you may be missing some valuable opportunties should you miss the biggest leisure industry event of the year. Hope to see you there.

Monday, 6 September 2010

REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network

REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network

Just booked my place on the Register of Exercise Professionals convention for the Leisure Industry Week and it looks like it will be fantastic event for all health and fitness professionals. Last year I missed out on my place for the REPS covention so I thought it would be prudent to make sure this was not the case this year. Plus there 4 CPD points to be gained by attending, some great keynote speakers and workshops to attend plus a FREE place to LIW.

As an Active Edge Solutions Health and Fitness specialist it is important for me to stay up to date with industry trends and find out new and inspirational ideas. It is also a great place for networking with other health and fitness professionals so I hope to catch up with some of my industry friends at the event and make some new friends. Looking forward to a fantastic REPS convention and LIW. I'm up for car sharing, reducing carbon footprint and being more sociable so if there other health and fitness professionals travelling from my neck of the woods. Please get in touch.

Naturopathic Nutritionist Talk- Why Detox?

Great news! Naturopathic Nutritionist Saira Salmon, will be an honoured guest speaker at this months Regional Nature Sunshine meeting.

The Peterborough Regional Nature Sunshine meeting will be held Tuesday night, 7th September, at the Haycock Hotel, London Road, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6JA .
At this Regional meeting Saira will talk about all the various facts that she has researched on why people need to detox and she will talk about our detox including some of the supporting products like, liquid chlorophyl to promote natural cleansing functions, bifidophfilus milk to replace your good bacteria, Milk Thistle to help detox and rejuvenate your liver.

The meeting will start with an overview of Nature’s Sunshine for new guests and after Saira’s presentation there will be a look at the business opportunity with Nature’s Sunshine, some tips to building a successful business and tips on promoting the healthy herbal detox. Registration is from 7pm and the meeting starts at 7.30pm promptly. Kim Briggs, Clinton Sellers and Teri Rigby look forward to seeing you there. You are warmly invited to attend this meeting as guest by Sue Burnett, Personal Trainer, Active Edge Solutions. No time to attend the evening try our free Habit of Health questionnaire and find out how healthy you are.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Next Week's Greeniversity!

"Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

Sunday 5th September

Nene Way Upstream

Take a leisurely walk through some of Peterborough’s natural landscape with an experienced leader

Tuesday 7th September

Why DETOX Yourself?

Learn how to become naturally healthier with an herbal detox

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on our forum go to:

Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends"

Friday, 27 August 2010

Next Week's Greeniversity Courses

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Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

Wednesday 1st September
Knitting for Beginners
A fun and friendly knitting class for those who wish to learn and make new friends

Thursday 2nd September

Nordic Walking Taster Session & Fitness Walk
Learn an innovative walking technique then tone up on a fitness walk

Thursday 2nd September
Art and History Teaching Skills Workshop
A workshop designed to teach how to teach – ideal for budding Greeniversity tutors!

Friday 3rd September
Creative Peterborough Networking Event
Become up-to-date with the creative and artistic side of Peterborough

Friday 3rd September
Nordic Walking Taster Session & Fitness Walk
Learn an innovative walking technique then tone up on a fitness walk

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on our forum go to:
Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Peterborough Nordic Walkers!

Calling Peterborough Nordic Walkers

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We have some fantastic Nordic Walks for you all this week. Hope you will have the time and wish to come along for some wonderful Nordic walking this week.

Nordic Walk 1 - Nordic Walk for Active Workplaces on TUESDAY 24th August. Usually we meet at the Peterborough and Stamford District Hospital Thorpe Road and this week we will be starting Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire click here for > Details

Gables listed building - Peterborough

Meet at the Thorpe Meadows, map/grid ref: 142: TL 174 985 at 17:20 for a 17:30 start. Park in the FREE Thorpe Meadows car park opposite the Ramada Hotel. We will walk on the Meadows or the Boardwalk and back.

Full details are posted here MEETUP Please come along and join us for a great walk on Tuesday, starting at 9:30am. It will be about 2 - 3 miles.

Nordic Walk 2 We will also meet on WEDNESDAY 25th August starting from the Royal Hoskoning, Rightwell House, Bretton, Peterborough.

Meet at Rightwell House, Bretton, Cambs, at Royal Hoskoning (Rightwell House). A great walk, the walk through Highlees Spinney and Bretton Park will be approx 2-3 miles.

Full details are posted here MEETUP. Please come along and join us for a great walk on Wednesday.

Nordic Walk 3 We meet every THURSDAY evening walk from Werrington Sports Centre, Thursday 26th August although this week we will meet up at Bretton Centre.

Bretton Centre, Car Park, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough. If you wish to come along then we shall meet at the FREE Bretton centre car park, near the phone store.

Full details are posted here details click here> MEETUP. Please come along and join us for a great fitness and weightloss Nordic walk on THURSDAY evening, starting at 6.30pm. It will be about 4½ - 5 miles.

Nordic Walk 4 Meet us on FRIDAY morning for our well-being and weightloss Nordic Walk full details click here> : MEETUP

We meet up every Friday at Bretton Park for our regular Nordic Walk and this week we will meet up at Werrington Sports Centre.

FREE car parking is available at the Werrington Sports Centre, Staniland Way, Werrington Peterborough. Do join us for this Nordic Walk, it will be approximately 3 - 3.5 miles.

Nordic Walk 5 is part of our newest Learn to Nordic Walk group and we will meet up at Thorpe Meadows for our fifth class. We'll meet up at the Thorpe Meadows, map/grid ref: 142: TL 174 985 at 17:20 for a 17:30 start. Park in the FREE Thorpe Meadows car park opposite the Ramada Hotel.

We will be working on techniques to equip you with skills to enable you to join our regular Nordic Walks for health, fitness and weightloss.

Learn to Nordic Walk details of click here> MEETUP .Add Image

When: FRIDAY, August 27, 2010

Time : 6:15 PM

Where: Thorpe Meadows ,Peterborough, United Kingdom

Arrive at 6:00 pm to sort out equipment (poles) ready to start at 6:15 pm.

We look forward to meeting you this week for one of our amazing Nordic Walks in Peterborough, we hope that you can make the time this week for your Nordic Walking experience. Should you have friend who would like to learn to Nordic Walk then do ask them to get in touch soon about the next Active Edge Solutions Learn to Nordic Walk course.

Nordic Walking Meet ups

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This widget is great it shows all the local meetups, locally, nationally and globally. Take a look at all the Nordic Walking Meetups that are going in the next week or so in Peterborough, I do hope you will join us soon for another fantastic Nordic Walking Meetup. For more information about Nordic Walking Improvers or Learning to Nordic walk do get in touch. Visit: Active Edge Solutions Look forward to seeing you soon warmest regards, Sue Burnett, Personal Trainer, British Nordic Walking Instructor (INWA).

Friday, 20 August 2010

Swing Stick Flexible Bar

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Swing Stick Flexible Bar

This evening we were working on 'core' techniques, our Learn to Nordic Walk group was working on the 'core' as and up to 90% of the total body work out.
How amazing is that?
While we were waiting for the students to arrive we had some 'play' time with another bit of 'core' fitness kit.
The Swing Stick Flexible bar. Swing your body to better health and fitness, 8 minutes a day is all that it takes, the work comes through vibrations.

Sue is super at swinging her swing stick flexible bar. She shows you how easy it is to keep working out effectively in such a short space of time is just great to top up your fitness. Trim and tone that body, SUPERB!
It is by far an amazing exercise that can be done every day, anywhere, any place, any time for one part of the body or another, it works on vibration of the muscles contraction, and is rather like a 'Power Plate' but costs only a fraction of the price.
As seen on TV previously, £35.99, you can buy this perfect product from Active Edge Solutions for ONLY £24.99! This price includes VAT, a DVD and an exercise sheet. P&p is not included in this price. Contact Sue to find out more about this great product. She may even give you a demo for FREE!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

FREE Greeniversity Course

Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

Sunday 22nd August
Bus-Walk – The Tixover Triangle
A guided walk through Peterborough’s panoramic countryside

Monday 23rd August
Learn effective communication skills in this fun workshop

Monday 23rd August
Family Drop-In – Little Diggers
A fun family gardening session – perfect for the kids!

Thursday 26th August
Quiet Garden at Quaker Meeting House
Take a spiritual break and relax at the picturesque Quaker gardens

Thursday 26th August
Greeniversity Kids – Butterfly Sculpture Workshop
Create a butterfly sculpture from recycled materials with the guidance of a professional artist

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on the Greeniversity forum go to:

Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Nordic Walking & Much More...

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Tuesday, 10th of August, week 9 of the NHS Learn to Nordic Thorpe Meadows, along a lovely track across a meadowland, along the end of the rowing lake and back along the river bank. It was a little bit noisy as we Nordic Walked fairly close by the overhead parkway but as we strode along the river bank talking about butterflies, fauna and flora it became peaceful and enabled the ladies to switch off from a busy day at the operating theatre. The ladies look forward to the next Nordic Walk. We saw beautiful meadow flowers, wild geranium, bullrushes and waterlilies as well as swans a swimming on the river with their goslings that are fast transfroming from their stubby greybrown feathers to emerge as beautiful white swans soon.

Wednesday, 11th of August take one, week 9 of the Royal Hoskoning Learn to Nordic Ski Walk, Active Workplaces program. This week we were able to take a loop of Bretton Park in it's entirity, which was a brisker walk due to the fact we had to adapt the lessons slightly to accommodate for two later arrivals to our group. One of the ladies had forgotten her niece and nephew were staying with her this week and did not want to miss the walk so we had a quick introduction for them so we could get her out and about in the fresh air. We managed to make a train and do some dragging with the poles and make some light work of stretches using the poles. It was lots of fun to work with the two youngsters who came along unexpectedly with ladies who Nordic walked at lunch.

Wednesday, 11th of August, take two - week 9 of the U3A, Nordic Walking program. We are now comfortably walking with poles and increasing agility and directions of travel. Round about , weaving in and out of the trees, a veritable playground of outdoor activity was what we found in store on our walk today as we went down to the country park.

During our walk we saw, deadly-nightshade, seven swans a swimming and beautiful wild orchids in the nature reserve. It was so lovely, on the water we saw so many wild water based birds, coots, moorhens, cormorants roosting in the trees in the middle of the lake. On the bank there we kept company with copious canada geese in a gaggle as we Nordic Walked along the banks of the lake.

Wednesday, 11th of August, GP 5k series, round 5.

It was a fantastic event, organised by local running club Werrington Joggers. Phil Lloyd was the race director working hard behind the scenes to get results and co-ordinate the event. Some good performances were had by all, a dry evening and it all seemed to come together on day. A personal performance this time. Best 5K time for the season, finished in a time of 20:49.

Thursday, 12th of August, 4 mile challenge was the order of the day - The challenge was to walk 4 miles in 1 hour, last time we took 1.06 so the ladies and Andrew were going for it. Off we set with determiniation in our step, as we set off Andrew was keeping good pace, he had some catching up to do and he wasn't giving in easily. We kept a steady rhythm, faltering for a undone shoe-lace, and a cardigan that had fallen from a waist. On we went with strong determination, the end drew near and Andrew and I kept closing the small gap that had appeared. This time around, the gap did not widen to far and our gentleman challenger was awarded the most improved Nordic Walker for the evening. In a time of 1.04 was the final score so we are getting closer to that magic 4 mile per hour. Next time we will have it cracked. We were so lucky to have a dry evening that ended with a Rainbow, earlier that day there had be thuder in the air and then the sun came out and allowed us to take our challenge. You are all stars!

Friday, 13th of August, Nordic morning improvers walk saw the return of Helen from her travels it has been so long she was almost like a new girl on the block. We took a trip to the nature reserve and discovered hides that were hidden from view, the posse had been to this part of the park and never set foot in the hide before. Today we had a look at the bull rushes and the dried up water bed. East Anglia is one of the driest parts of the UK, it is the fourth driest area which is quite hard to believe because it rains quite a lot. We will walk here again when it is wetter so can see the wetland wildlife in its naturally created habitat. Our walk was lovely and so was the company. We look forward to the walk to see the different seasons. Today we saw cherries, hawthorne and rowan bright berries amongst approaching autumnal foilage.

Friday, 13th of August, it was FUN FIT FRIDAY with the YMCA. The girls outnumbered the absent boys and we worked on getting more from the gym for the thighs, bums and tums were the order of the day. We used swingstick fitness to work the core, we used fitness bands to help burn fat from the the thighs, bums and tums, hamstring curls and leg extensions, followed by some upper body, to balance out, chest press, bicep curls, tricep extensions and lateral back stretches using a jelly tube. What fun we had in the gym, it was all about taking it slow and working the muscles not banging out heavier reps with no downward phase. Yes we did get the muscles working and fat burning today. Well done girls you have the power to tone and trim that body to better shape, it is good to look healthy and have sculpted lean muscle tone.

Friday, 13th of August, more Nordic Walking was in store. Private session was taken in the rain for our newest Nordic Walker student, we did not notice that it was so wet we had so much fun. This was followed by Lesson 3 in our Learn to Nordic Walk this August, the rain stopped just long enough to allow us to get into a stride, and did Chrissie go. Wow, you would not beleive week or two ago this would have been possible, she really got the heart and lungs going and felt the training effect. On her face she wore the biggest grin ever. She has really been inspired, and is looking forward to the MOONWALK challenge next year. Nordic Walking is so going to help her with this challenge, our Thursday Nordic Walker completed the MOONWALK this year in a very respectable 6 hrs and 59 minutes. Well done Lynda, Well done Chrissie.

The week is not yet over, Saturday was spent not cleaning the house and ironing which is long overdue. Updating the website and preparing to attend Thorney 5 , organised by Thorney Running Club's David Bailey, Sunday 15th of August. Fantastic, well organised event, I was so busy I had forgotten I posted a last minute entry. No running for me today though because forgot that I had entered the event and didn't pack any trainers, club vest and shorts. Spent the time making new friends, promoting Nordic Walking and passing my place to a fellow club mate who should have had a number, he had shoes, shirt and shorts. I said take my number it will serve well, enjoy the race. Well done to all the prize winners! Made new friends , added to facebook pages and written this blog post. What an extraordinary week, time for a well earned rest and a glass of red.