Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Gadet Show Seeks Health Conscious People

Bullseye Productions are currently looking for health conscious people to take part in a brand new SKY1 HD Series all about technology & gadgets.

The show will feature a team of gadget experts, ready to address every day people’s technology based problems, queries and desires. We’re specifically looking for health conscious people (this includes people who are trying to get healthy but may not be currently!) who are up for helping us test out certain gadgets and tech that involve healthy living. It will be great fun, so please get in contact with Matt ASAP!

If you want to hear more about the show and to be sent an application form, please email Matt Tiller at - - with HEALTH GADGETS in the subject. Remember to include your name and number.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hotpants : Join us for the Journey...

Lose 2 jean sizes gain smoother legs - the fabric of Hotpants has been created with celu-lite technology that works hard to reduce body fat and the appearance of cellulite. 

The science has been engineered to increase perspiration by up to 80% to flush our fat cells and toxins. You can wear them to do your housework, wear them for your workouts, at the gym or other activities. 

Active Edge Solutions, Personal Trainer, Zumba Fitness Instructor Sue has been asked to become an Ambassador of Hotpants and she is writing up her experiences for the next two weeks and sharing her story...

You can keep up with her story and join us for a fun filled journey, it's a simple as ABC:

A Become a Facebook fan of Active Edge Solutions -Personal Training
B Become a Facebook fan of Fitness Classes - Zumba Peterborough
C Become a Facebook fan of Hotpants to share her journey, follow the story and to get your 10% discount on HOTPANTS quote code "SUEBURN" at check out. Read More... 

You can also keep up with Sue on Twitter

Ten Essential Tips whilst detoxing...

Taking a healthy starter detox as part of your Personal Training Programme is an essential step to take. You will feel more postive, motivated and more likely to stick to it by removing extra waste and toxins from the body. 

1. Drink up to 2 litres of water ( at room temerature) or herbal teas/drinks.
2. Dry brush skin for ridding the skin of accumulated toxins.
3. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables of your choice.
4. Support your liver with fresh lemon and milk thistle.
5. Keep your body warm.
6. Rest as often as you need.
7. Eat foods in their most natural state.
8. Avoid foods that create congestion in the intestine and colon.
9. Use supplements such as spirulina, organic flaxseed to support the detox process.
10.Add more fibre, e.g. whole grain rice, wholewheat pasta, porridge and TNT ( fibre supplement contains 18 sources of fat and water soluable fibre)

To find our more about a healthy starter detox or supplementation for detox. Please get in touch.