Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Green Festival 2011

Dear Fitness Fans, you are in for a few fitness festival treats at this years GREEN FESTIVAL  2011 which will be launched on Saturday the 28th of May for 2 weeks of family fun. Over the last few weeks I've been talking to Peterborough Environment City Trust's very own, Penny Fletcher and we've been talking about all the exciting things that are happening at the GREEN FESTIVAL the festival launch day in Cathedral Square, the "stage bus" a bus that transforms into a stage, the Nordic Walking Events and the Trashion Show timetable.

We've been invited to take part in GREEN FESTIVAL 2011 launch on the stage bus, yes you heard right I'll be 'live' on the stage bus on the 28th of May and a second appearance 'live' at the TRASHION show on Thursday the 09th of June and this promises to be a fabulous fiesta of fun and an exciting extravaganza of Trashion on the catwalk.  We are delighted to deliver an exciting fun packed event fitness program and i'll be launching Zumba Fitness ® , ViPR™ Fitness and our Green Festival British Nordic Walking program for the fortnight ahead. It doesn't matter how fit, what shape or what age you are, it's taking part that counts.

The Green Festival begins on Saturday the 28th of May at 10 am, our 30 minute ZUMBA® Party will start at 10:30 am, you are all invited and it is FREE to attend. You will find details of this and other Zumba classes we'll be offering soon, keep watching. Read More...

During the festival launch and the following week Sue Burnett and Anna-Marie Malone will be in the crowds and capturing the essence of the Festival for Peterborough FM, your community radio station. We would like to know your views, your opinions and most of all your inspirations to be part of this community festival.

Throughout the two weeks there'll be a program of events for the whole family including some introduction to Nordic Walk sessions for complete beginners, this will allow you to find out a bit more about this wonderful activity and whether it is right for you. Who knows you might be inspired to learn this green skill and swap it for your fuel guzzling motor car, bus or motor cycle as an alternative transport to work, the city or your local shops.
Check out our events and activity time-table and request further information about event details. Read More...

And as if that's not enough, we are offering further FREE fitness sessions and demonstrations during the TRASHION show catwalk on Thursday the 09th of June, we'll be delivering a FREE Zumba Fitness Class ® between 10:00 am and 11:00 am in Peterborough's Queensgate shopping centre. This will be followed later in the day by a Nordic Walking Demonstration which is scheduled for 2:30 pm and there is a ViPR fitness session being offered at 4:30 pm. The audience will have a rare opportunity to take part in these 'live' events as they happen.  Are you ready to join the Green Festival 2011 Party?

Our roving Peterborough FM reporters will not only be taking part in The Trashion Show but will also be out and about asking the cast and community about the show. How's that for multi-tasking? Join us at the post event party which will be held at Charters for more festival party action.

Please note these event times may be subject to change so do keep checking the time-tables and with event organisers on the day for any last miniute changes or updates to the scheduled program.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Top Tips for Breathing Easier!

The pollen season's here but don't cry, cough, splutter or wheeze. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is the most common allergic condition that affects the british population it can be as many as 12 million people each year, which according to research is roughly 15-20% of the UK population. Hayfever or allergy sufferers can use effective herbal remedies to help breeze these seasonal maladies banish those coughs, sneezes and wheezes by getting your herbal remedies with healthier naturally 'active ingredients' .

According to the Guardian air pollution watch dry weather brings and poorer air quality. To help you to combat this seasonal and dry air maladies here are some excellent recommendations to help you breath a little easier in this congested world we live in.

People that come into contact with pollen and spores the immune system can respond with symptoms similar to viral infections, which can result in watery eyes, runny noses or suffering with sneezes.   Strengthen the immune system with: Immune Formulato protect against germs, viruses and other invaders this works well in combination with a range of protective system herbal remedies:

Defence Maintenance: Nature Sunshines Key System product provides powerful nutrients to help build and maintain your bodies defenses. NB. Contains vitamin A. Do not take if pregnant, except on advice of your medical profressionals, gp or anti-natal clinic..

High Potency Grapine contains proantocyanidines (PAC's) are amongst the most powerful antioxidents found in nature and according to extensive research have been shown to reduce the severity of some allergies by counteracting the histamine produced by the allergic response.

The Respiratory System can be affected limiting oxygen intake. Since oxygen is essential to the energy needs of the body in activity and everyday life, it is vital to maintain healthy lungs be breathing fresher air and supplying the body with good nutrition.

Fenugreek and Fennel - is a traditionaly formulated key system product that provides powerful specific nutrients to help maintain a healthy respiratory system and nourish the lungs.

This month's recommendations are suitable for reducing reactions to seasonal allergic rhinitus - also know as "Hayfever":

Boost your Immune System with : Immune Formula

Build your defense System with: Defence Maintainance

Reduce your histamine reaction with: High Potency Grapine

Protect and nourish your respiratory system with: Fenugreek and Fennel

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

10 Top Tips on Eating Smarter for Weightloss

People often ask me about weight loss and rather than re-invent the wheel that works quite well I have had a look at some useful recommendations which should help you towards your weightloss goal.

Usually the answer is to eat a healthy balanced diet, and eating smarter to make healthy chemical changes that maintain a healthy digestive system and intestinal tract necessary for good weight management and eventual weight loss. On the whole, people ofter underestimate what the eat and invariably have an imbalance in the proportions of each food group compared to what the body needs to generate enough energy for what they want to do.

The other problem in the equation is that when there is insufficent activity at the right intensity this can affect the weighmanagement balance too. The message today is about eating smarter . We will look at activity another day.

Tip 1) Start by recording a food diary. Record what you eat, what you drink and how you feel, for min 3 days maximum of 7 days. To obtain your FREE Food diary templates, please Click Here

Tip 2) Take a look at the diary recording and see how it compares to the Food Triangle this is one model in which we can use to help up have some idea on proportions of each food group and if you are smaller to go for the low number and if you are larger or more athletic to go for the larger number for example 5-7 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day. How close are you to each group? How far are you away from each group? Where are the differences?

Tip 3) Once we have the portions and groups sorted out we can then start to look at changing proportion of what you are eating in each group. This might seem simplistic but broadly speaking if you are eating 7-11 portions of crips, sweets and nuts and 0 portions of fresh fruit and veg you know it is an easy change to make.

Tip 4) Let's look at how you eat your food, do you eat fast or slow? By slowing down and chewing your food more you will feel less hungry and much more satisfied.

Tip 5) Drink more water at least half an hour before you eat this will also help you to feel fuller.

Tip 6) Make an oil change swap the bad fats for the good fats, your body will feel sluggish with bad oil, and with the good oil you will feel more energises and it will increase the bodies metabolism.  eg, increase your omega 3 intake step for better results take 3 x 3 per day.

Tip 7) Start your day and meals with a simple protein shake, it will help balance your blood sugar and make you feel satisfied. Great for lean healthy muscle tone, more healthy muscle tone will help to burn excess body fat.

Tip 8) Try a healthy starter pack herbal detox to clean out your intestinal tract and colon. It will make your tummy feel flatter and you may loose a few pounds as a result.  it will clarify your focus and enable you to better stick to your weightloss goals.

Tip 9) Do you eat a lot of carbs or fats, that night out with the girls or the boys. Pizza or Curry, takeouts. Keep some fat grabbers and carb grabbers handy to help you eliminate those fats and bad carbs from your body quickly.

Tip 10) Are you constantly constipated or are you regular? Add more fibre to your diet, to help elminate wastes and toxic build up in your body.  Two or my favourites easy ways to easily increase your fibre intake without bulk are TNT or Loclo .  You can use the TNT as a safe meal replacement from time to time.

Finally, if you are looking for more details to help you improve your nutrition I would strongly recommend the low GI Diet to help change the way you eat. You never know you could end up making friends with fruit.

You may wish to have one to one coaching, on your nutrition if this is the case please contact me to register your interest.