Saturday, 19 September 2009

Working Smarter Not Harder...

This morning I woke up bright and early, ate a bowl of sugar free museli, with milk mixed with a scoop of syner-protein to stabilise my blood sugar, followed by a portion of TNT(one scoop provides as much energy as a kilogram of fresh fruit and vegetables and is low in GI ( glycemic index)). This low protein and GI fibre mix stabilised my blood sugar levels (glucose) and gave me plenty of natural healthy energy ready for a mornings bike ride. We rode 40 + miles on the bike, and I must say my energy levels were pretty good throughout the ride, no heavy legs, climbing well on the hills and when I got back another scoop of syner-protein to help with repair and recovery. Other riders dad and son were both feeling worse for wear during the ride (low energy levels, lack of regular training, ride seemed like hard work for both). I am not sure what dad ate for supper or breakfast but his son had eaten a fish and chip supper the night before, a breakfast bowl of cheerios and lucozade, an aspartarme laden energy drink during the ride . Next time I reach for an energy drink, naturally I will choose Solstic for great tasting, natural energy to support me even further .
One of the riders suggested using a glucose mix for the feed bottle,but I was unsure how helpful this would be in terms energy levels. This rider also suggested a skimmed milk powder instead of creatine or whey protein. Again, I was doubtful how this would help the riders concerned, lots of skimmed milk powders contain hidden sugars. Always check the labels and conduct thorough research before making a decision about a product. Recently I came across a triathlete who had this particular experience. Since switching to Syner-protein has made significant improvements in performance on less training.
Extensive research has shown that high levels of glucose in the blood sugar can lead to diabetes and low levels of glucose can lead to hypoglycemia. One of the friends suggested making home made energy bars which would be very expensive to make and contained lots of dried fruit and a whole jar of honey. I am sure they are wonderful, however busy people do not always have time to bake, may find it hard to digest bars while riding, and with a whole jar of honey in the bars the sugar content is guaranteed to be high and may cause an imbalance to the blood sugar levels. Rod Freeman, cycling bargains racing team manager, knows his riders always perform better, "with good nutrition, regular training and sports massage. "
Earlier this year Active Edge Solutions supported cycling bargains racing team cyclists at the Peterborough stage of the tour the riders found as a result they rode well and recovered faster because of Sue's style of specific sports massage. Choices are best for the individual and a more informed choice can make the difference to working smarter in your training, performance and recovery. Now, I wonder, which athletes are working smarter not harder when it comes to nutrition, training and good body maintenance!
Sports Massage:
Tour Series, Peterborough
photo credit, Paul Frost

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Solstic Energy Launch

On Sunday the 13th of September Solstic Energy was launched in the UK, it's time to live your life - Shake it Up! What kind of shake is your life in, do you start the day with a cup or two of coffee, tea, cola or 'fizzy' drinks or other "energy " drink that takes you to the dizzing caffeine heights for a quick sugar-fuelled rush followed by an abrubt, vitality-sapping crash. The nutrient-rich recipe of Solstic Energy increases energy levels without the unwanted jitters,shakes and crashes of the other energy drinks because the power packed ingredients support the body's natural energy-producing systems. You'll have the energy that you need immediately and throughout the day. It is time to shake up your life with a protable energy for today's active lifestyles...

- Only 12 Calories
- Contains No Fat
- Low Glycemic Index
- 3g Of Carbohydrates
- Excellent Range of B Vitamins
- No Phramaceutical Grade Caffeine.

High levels of caffeine in the urine is a no-no for serious sports people and on all accounts should be avoided but when you read Triathlon 220 pro tips to race faster "Red Bull I've been known to rush off to a service station to try to find a Red Bull before the start of a race because I rely on a caffeine hit" Will Clarke, it is hard to understand why a professional would want risk their race success by using and artificial source of caffeine. Clearly, he would be at less risk with Solstic's natural energy. It can only be a matter of time before the Pro's are racing successfully on a natural source of energy. Long life Solstic Energy! Get your life in a shake! It's time to shake up your life.

Good Sports Nutrition

The building blocks of good sports nutrition is with healthy eating, whether you want to gain or loose a few pounds to keep you fighting fit and load you with energy ready for the big day. Gaining pounds can mean adding fat pounds or lean skeletal muscle pounds. For the sports person the latter option would be the best of the two. Protein derives from ancient greece and the literal translation is 'First'. Therefore, protein is the first food group that should enter the body in the morning, this can help to stabilise the blood sugar, reduce cravings during the day and providing sustained energy levels. Protein is the building blocks for the body and good place to start, but make sure it is the lean variety found in lean meat, poultry or soya. Your body's billions of cells and tissues perpetually break down while others are built to replace them. This constant turnover of celluar production requires a constant supply of high quaility protein.

In terms of improving your general sports nutrition, check out this easy to follow guide by Anita Bean. It provides some easy to follow guidelines and recipies for your success.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Read All About It!

The Anglia Communicator is hot off the press today, Autumn Edition. Be inspired by our heartfelt stories from the members of Anglia Communicators, both old and new. If speaking in public leaves you quaking in your boots or shaking in your shoes, this might be all you need to fast track you road to freedom of your speech.