Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Final Festive Advent Offer : Health and Fitmass 2011

Final NSP advent offer
Final Advent offer

Welcome to our final December 2012 Health and Fitmass advent offer.  We have been delighted to offer you our unique Health and Fitmass Advent Calendar throughout the seasonal festive build up and hope that you have enjoyed getting in to the festive spirit with us.


Wishing you a Merry Fitmass Christmas and a prosperous healthy 2012 from everyone at Active Edge Solutions Personal Training and Nature's Sunshine.   To get other offers and FREE advice on Health and Fitness throughout the year like our page on facebook by clicking here.    

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Healthy Tax Help for Self Employed

If you are self employed or work from home in a direct selling business, providing therapies, personal training, fitness trainer or other services, in a consultancy or franchising, fashion, arts, sports training, decorating or small manufacturing business, then this book is one I would highly recommened to help in business start up or even businesses that have been going for a while that need to polish up their book keeping processes.

Robert Sherwood qualified as a Chartered Accountant many years ago, and since 1993 he has worked within the self-employed field, in particular the direct selling sector. His company has received several prestigious awards for his services.

No, matter what your business create, you need to keep records, books of accounts and complete annual tax returns.

This book will help you when you are setting up you business and it will help you to maintain a system of records as well, in this book you will learn how:

  • A start-up business keep a healthy track of financial accounts
  • Assist you to provide the necessary healthy figures for tax and VAT returns
  • Keep a healthy check on your credit control
  • Help you create a routine allowing more time for the actual business
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that all accounting functions are in place
You can order your copy by clicking on this link:

Friday, 16 December 2011

Music to Motivate Your Winter Indoor Cycle Workout

Tour Series

Fed up with the Music!
Are you content or fed up with your choice of music for indoor cycling, turbo or spinning? This was how I felt when I broke my bike spoke last week and then it got me thinking that at this time of the year more and more people choose to workout indoors especially if the weather is as cold as it was today. I  slipped into Hypothermia after being chilled to the core with icy blast of wintery north westerly windchill.  Today I was looking for some music to for a high power intenstive class I am planning for the new year and it got me thinking about music for motivation. One of my regular clients who will remain nameless said that he would like some new music to keep motivated with his indoor cycle training sessions. Listening to the same old tunes may keep not quite keep you in the groove of life if this is the case it is time to change the music. Keep your work out fresh with new and different music this will elevate and keep you motivation levels higher as you workout this winter of music discontent. Here are my hot spin picks guaranteed to motivate you to work those wheels more indoors as you cycle, turbo or spin your way to better health and fitness this winter. Keep those revs going. Let's do it.  Enjoy the music.

Our classes are updated and listed in Class Finder

Classes update.
Class Finder - Find a fitness training class near you today

I've updated Active Edge Solutions class dates in Classfinder for the NEW YEAR start dates. There will be more new classes being added. You can visit the Classfinder website to find out about new classes and class updates.  If you have enjoyed a class then do leave me a message and let me know how much. Feedback is anonymous and is always helpful and helps me to make future classes even better.

Keep visiting the class finder website to find out about more NEW updated and exciting classes by Active Edge Solutons: Nordic Walk, Zumba for beginners, Zumba gold and look out for our new nutrition and high powered classes coming soon... 2012.

You can also visit our website events and activities guide for other information about new and exciting fitness ideas by clicking here...

We wish you a happy Health & Fitmass and a fabulous NEW YEAR

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Health and Fitmass - Day 15

December is here and once again (for the second year running) we are thrilled to be offering Active Edge Solutions unique 12 days to Health and Fitmass Advent Calendar - and this year we think it is our best ever! In addition to the 12 days even more offers and deals will appear as if by magic!

We don't want to tempt you with sweets or chocolates every day but we can offer you a daily dose of festive cheer. Don't miss out and remember we'll be offering you special deals and discounts on a daily basis in the run-up to Christmas - in our on-line Advent Calendar.

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Monday, 12 December 2011

The 12th Day of Health and Fitmass

The countdown to Christmas has begun and to get into the festive mood we have launched our annual Health and Fitmass online blog Advent Calendar, packed to the top of it's christmas stocking with exclusive offers.

On the 12th Day of Fitmass Active Edge Solutions said to me, there is a trerrfic 20% off Fat Grabbers and Carb Grabbers today. An ideal stocking filler for those that wish to cheat a little over the Festive Season. That's right have your carb charged Christmas Cake, stollen and yule log and eat it not that we want to encourage you.

Reduce Carb Digestion

Many studies have shown that a reduction in dietary crabohydrates os associated with weigjhtloss and the preservation of lean skeletal muscle. As a result many people are trying to reduce thier carbohydrate intake. For those that choose particulary high crab loaded meals this Christmas, Carbo grabbers have been formulated to reduce the negative effects of those bad carbs by reducing the carbohydrate digestions. Carbo grabbers uses an extract called from the white kidney bean, which inhibits amylase production, reducing the digestion and absorption of food startches.
There's no hiding the carbs


If you want to reduce your fat intake this christmas from a meal or the numerous parties this festive season at home, office parties, friends, neighbours and you are unsure of the fat content of your festive fayre, the Fat Grabbers is the supplement to choose. This safe, digestive aid is designed to assist with weight management by breaking down and trapping hidden dieatary fat, this prevents it being absorbed unnecessairly by the body.


Don't miss today's special offer, call the Active Edge Solutions Service Health and Fitmass Fairy via the number detailed below.
Wishing you a wonderful Health, Fitmass and Festive Season from everyone at Active Edge Solutions.



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Nor Hiding the Fat

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

HEALTH & FITMASS - Day 11 (Second Chance Sunday)

On the 11th Day of HEALTH & FITMASS - NSP sent to me FREE DELIVERY (Second chance Sunday) an offer too good to keep and this Christmas I would like to to share this with you lovely followers, friends and fans for a healthier happier Health and Fitmass 2011.

December is here and once again (for the second year running) we are thrilled to be offering Active Edge Solutions and Nature's Sunshine's unique HEALTH and FITMASS Advent Calendar - and this year we think it is our best ever!

We don't will not tempt you with a chocolates or sweets every day but we can offer you a daily dose of health and fitmass festive cheer.

Don't miss out and remember we'll be offering you special deals and discounts on a daily basis in the run-up to Christmas - in our daily health and fitmass FACEBOOK Advent Blogs.

Please visit your Active Edge Solutions & Nature Sunshine's Independent Distributor's website by clicking here!

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A Very Happy Health and Fitmass to one and all.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Health and Fitmass - Day 10

Health & Fitmass Day 10
December is here and once again (for the second year running) we are thrilled to be offering our special HEALTH and FITMASS + Nature's Sunshine's unique Advent Calendar - and this year we think it is our best ever!

We don't want to tempt you with a chocolate every day but we can offer you a daily dose of health and festive cheer. Don't miss out and remember we'll be offering you special deals and discounts on a daily basis in the run-up to Christmas - in our on-line Advent Calendar.

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Happy Health and Fitmass - Second Chance Friday

On the 9th Day of Health and Fitmass...

On the 9th Day

Second Chance Friday
Active Edge Solutions gave to me a Second Chance Friday on selected festive offers.

The countdown to Christmas has begun and to get into the festive mood we have launched our annual Festive Online Health and Fitmass Advent Calendar, packed to the brim with exclusive offers. During the build-up to the Festive Season, a new Advent window will open up on Facebook, our blog, ipatter and twitter daily to reveal a unique offer or discount. 

Don't miss out on today's special offer, please call the Active Edge Solutions Customer Service Health and Fitmass Fairy via the numbers detailed below. Click on the links below.

Wishing you a wonderful Health and Fitmass this Festive Season from everyone at Active Edge Solutions.


Advent offer 6
20% off Zinc

Advent offer 7
20%off Tei Fu Massage Oil and Lotion

Advent offer 8
20% off

by clicking here

Any questions call: Active Edge Solutions Hotline

UK: 07901 937 665 Europe: + 44 7901 937 665

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Health and Fitmass - On the 8th Day

On the 8th Day
 Health and Fitmass - On the 8th Day of health and fitmass NSP gave to me the perfect solution to keep my gut and families eating at Christmas happily.

Today’s Advent offer for better Health and Fitmass: 20 % off Proactyzme /Food enzymes* this is a key system product to support a healthy digestive system. This healthy digestive aid can be used by most people to improve the breakdown and assimilation of food.

At this time of the year our digestive system is overloaded by eating and drinking more than usual it is no wonder there are so many adverts on TV promoting products to calm it down. The digestive system breaks down food, its key role its extractive vital nutrients and assimilating for use through the day.

Common digestive problems

Some of the most common problems that will occur this Christmas include indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, stomach ulcers or stomach cramps.


This is where Proactyzme will come to the rescue and help breakdown those difficult to digest foods. It contains plant enzymes which are often missing from today’s modern diet of processed and overcooked foods. This effective digestive aid contains a powerful combination of six natural plant enzymes: protease, amylase, glucosamylase, lipase, pectinase and cellulose to provide you the most effective way to help you eat more easily and ensure your body assimilates vital nutrition for good health and maintain a healthy digestive system when taken regularly.

Happy Health and Fitmass on the 8th day...may all your food be digested this Christmas more easliy!

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Order codes:
Proactazyme (100) **KEY Product** Read more...1836 Food Enzymes (120* ( more suitable for over 50) Read more...



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Information sourced by NSP and Active Edge Solutions

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Happy Health and Fitmass - Advent Offer 6

Happy Health and Fitmass - Advent Offer 6:

Think Zinc! for Cold Relief this Christmas, experts say...

On average Adults catch between two to four colds a year, children up to 10 and there is little one can do to avoid it. Don't get caught out this Christmas. Think Zinc for cold relief.

There is nothing worse than getting a cold at Christmas or any time of the year for that matter. Taking a zinc supplement can lessen the severity and duration of the common cold. Scientific evidence suggests taking zinc within 1 day at the onset of a cold symptoms speeds recovery, experts say.... It may ward off colds according to the authors of the Chochraine Systematic Review which included extensive trials involving 1,360 people.

Zinc is a trace element - an essential micronutrient required  for a healthy functioning body, it role includes: maintaining the sense of smell, supporting a healthy immune system, building proteins and creating DNA.   Zinc assists your body  communications at a celluar level by fuctioning as a neuro-transmitter.

The most common food sources of Zinc are poultry and beef, other meats such as lamb and pork contain useful amounts. For the vegetarians, good sources include diary and legumes.

"Zinc 15mg (120)Relatively large amounts are found in bone and muscle, and it’s also prevalent in the prostate and retina. Zinc is involved in sugar metabolism and seems to be easily lost from the system. Pregnant and lactating women require extra zinc. This product is derived from zinc gluconate for more efficient absorption. For maximum benefit, it is combined in a rich, natural base of kelp plant, alfalfa herb and thyme herb. Each tablet contains 15mg of zinc. Each bottle contains 120 " Stock No.: 1601 Quote :" Advent Offer 6 "for your discount on this product.

To get more hints and tips like these do become a fan on f

Monday, 5 December 2011

Health & Fitmass Day 5

On the 5th day of Health and Fitmass NSP sent to me BUY 4 TNT Sports Nutrition Drinks and get one FREE plus a shaker. Your offer will be 20% off any purchase of this delicious Sports Nutrition TNT Drink on any bought today and I will throw in a TNT shaker too while stocks last. For any Sports Massage referral you make today you will get a FREE gift.

TNT the benefits

TNT 'Low GI Carb, Hi powered nutrient Drink' It's a great tasting carb drink low in GI, provides you with instant energy so it is great for recovery when you have finished your race or training run. It supplies the muscles with a rich supply of nutrients needed for muscle development and general good health, protects the body from environmental damage ( e.g. atmospheric pollution). The high fibre content cleanses the body. It contains a complete set of amino acids, multi-vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Dietry concerns

Many people consume large quantities of highly refined carbohydrate sugary drinks or food which tend to 'spike' the blood sugar and stimulates the production of large amounts of insulin and hormonal activity. This leads to an imbalance in the body, encourage excess fat storage and suppression of the immune system, which lowers the body's resistance to pathogens and virus.

TNT high powered nutrition

This high fibre, low GI, carb, antioxident drink, just one serving provides more nutrients per than 1kg of fresh fruit and veg.

TNT is a high fibre drink contains multi-vitamins, minerals and a complete set of amino-acids ,essential for  healthy muscle development and good health.  Most of these nutrients are classed as antioxidents which provide protection and maintain healthy body systems.
The high fibre content lowers the GI and this provides longer lasting energy.  TNT contains 18 sources of water and fat soluble fibre, which help to cleanse the digestive and intestinal system. Two servings of fibre per day will go a long way to helping you meet the recommeneded daily allowance of fibre and significantly reduce risks to cancers of the bowel or colon. 


Please note prices outside the UK vary due to Vat and local taxes


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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Health and Fitmass & NVH 10 - Day 4 Advent Offers

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On the 4th day of Health and Fitmass NSP sent to me another day of FREE delivery.

This offer applies all NSP products, key system products, power shakers or sports nutrition the choice is yours. Special advent offers to the NVH 10 mile event, for every box of Solstic sold we will give away a spikey massage ball worth £4.99 and 15% off all others Sports Nutrition products, including Solstic in stock. UK orders only. To get your 15% discount on your Sports Nutrition Products Quote:

" AES Advent OFFER 4" visit our on-line nutrition website by clicking here 


Health and Fitmass Day 4 - Understanding Sports Nutrition

Over the past few years I have learnt a lot about Nutrition and how it can affect our body at cellular level and that there is a direct correlation between a fitness or sports programme and how these increase demands placed these greater demands of our bodies is often overlooked and little understood by many runners, athletes or sports people today. As a result, over time, the demands of activity will lead to depletion of vital nutrients and reduce the body's ability to perform well in your chosen activity and can lead to health issues, short term if dealt with immediately or longer term if ignored.

All too often I hear people say "I'm not running well at the moment my hamstrings are playing up", " As soon as I put more effort in to my race my old injury is back with a vengence" , " I don't quite run as fast as I used to" or it might be someone I was running with last week tripped and broke their ankle and that someone is aged 26, or in generic terms "my mother turned around sharply to pick up her iron and broke her femur". The evidence is there and most people ingnore the fact that something could be done to deal with the problem situation, whether it is prevention, recovery, repair or to simply fill a nutritional gap left by everyday living, fitness or sports.

The Sports Nutrition Industry

Let's look at the Sports Nutrition Industry for a moment. Historically, the industry has been dominated by companies promoting products containing stimulants, once someone is hooked on stimulants it has a detrimental effect . Great quantities of ANY stimulant ( esp caffeine) are not good for anyone, whether it for health, fitness or sports. These lead to issues with the hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal system and can cause a host of hormonal problems that affect metabolism and other systemic cascades. There are secondary problems to those dependent on such substances and these in turn can lead to further depletion of skeletal, muscular and organ functions. As a health and fitness professional it is important to steer those that make unwise choices to healthier options to help the individual improve their underpinning health, fitness or sports, this in turn will lead to better, prevention, protection, recovery, repair and ultimately better performance in their chosen functional activity, whether it be Nordic Walking, Running, Zumba Fitness or Sports such as. Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Football or Body-building, etc.

Ingredients in many energy products containing stimulants are largely composed of sugar, pharmaceutical produced caffeine and a variety of additives. These typically provide a temporary shot of energy, often followed by an energy 'slump' or 'crash' or other unpleasant side effects. In turn continual spikes and abuse of the body's blood sugar levels may lead to side effects such as: mineral depletion, restless muscles, internal inflammation, excessive nervousness, stomach problems, anxiety, sleeplessness, fat storage, elevated heart rate, in turn this may lead to longer term health issues such as, Obesity, type II diabetes, Osteoporosis or CHD.

The Nature Sunshine Difference

The Nature Sunshine Difference is made by specialising in manufacturing, natural, organically wildcrafted products to the highest global standards that promote better health. The sports nutrition range, provides you with results that will help you improve your daily, fitness or sports activities.

There are a number of products in the Sports and Nutrition range, each and every one is scientifically designed to systemically enhance your body's functionality and performance. There are general products to provide your body with environmental protection, and replace nutrients, vitamins and minerals lost through every day living, fitness and sports, these include: SynerProtein, Omega 3, Super Supplemental, Liquid Chlorophyl, Zambroza and TNT. Some of these will help to balance the blood sugars, and aid muscular recovery and repair. Whilst other more specific key systems products such as Skeletal Strength, Proactyzme, and Nutricalm will work systemically too, repair, protect and support the body, the digestive or central nervous system. Others will cleanse cellular toxic waste (Healthy Starter Programme) from your body and some will supercharge the body to help it deal with for more demanding activities. There are others still that work on prevention, such as Everflex and Omega 3 Epa.

Prevention then is Better than a Cure

There you have it, you can stimulate a change should you choose to do so, if you would like to protect your bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, it's Skeletal Strength, if you wish to protect your joints it is Everflex, if you wish to reduce inflammation and protect your joints it is Zambroza and Omega 3 . Muscular recovery and repair it's Synerprotein, Environmental Pollution it's TNT, the question that remains now is can you afford not to?

Saturday, 3 December 2011

What NO SOLSTIC ! - Power Pack Your Day

Solstic Energy - Power Packed
Back from today's 30 mile bike ride with friends, it was well windy and the going was tough. There I was being buffeted by a westerly 14 mph wind, it felt cold the whole ride long, it seemed like the wind was blowing right through me, even though the low wintery sun was shining, the UVs, the pollen and pollution counts were low. I should have been felling on top of the World. Why oh why was there no energy in the cycling eco-bunny's tank. For ages I was trying to work out why my energy levels were lower than usual - after all there was a great tasting orange power shake, crammed with carbohydrate energy and fibre in my water bottle, shaken not stirred, which normally accompanies me every ride. Did I add the Solstic energy, what NO SOLSTIC? - And then it dawned on me, the SOLSTIC was missing I put my hand in my back pocket and pulled out the full sachet of Solstic! Mental note to DO NOT forget the SOLSTIC energy to add a real energy power pack to the shake and keep the energy levels going strong to keep me strong the whole ride long.

ORANGE POWER SHAKE - Simply add one sachet of Solstic with a scoop of TNT to water and shake, for great tasting high energy that is crammed with carboydrate and energy and fibre. It's a power packed combo. that provides optimal energy, with an superb range of B vitamins in one handy great tasting drink.

*SOLSTIC ENERGY - Solstic Energy comes in single servings and provides a powerful protable boost to those on the go. Whether you run, cycle, play, go to fitness classes like Zumba, Nordic Walk, ViPR or simply work the whole day long, the game of life demands you keep up. To live your life to the full you need plenty of energy. Everyone today leads such a busy life and it can seem a challenge like my bike ride this morning. Each serving of Solstic Energy contains only 12 calories (guilt-free energy), 3g of carbs and no fat ( great for those challenged by weight management). It is low on the Glycemic Index and offers an excellent range of B vitamins. Solstic, contains natural ingredients: Yerba mate,( powerful herb, increases endurance, enhances metabolism) Green Tea extracts( helps increase calorie and fat metabolism), Guarana seeds (naturally occuring caffeine) which means you miss the unnatural sugar rush, short-lived boost followed by a 'crash' which occurs when you burn through coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks containing unnatural ingredients such as caffeine or other stimulants. Whether you are 8, 18 or 80, Solstic gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive the day and throughout your chosen activities in life.

Now for another temptation, you may have noticed from my other blogs, twitter of facebook that I have launched our unique 12 days to Health and Fitmass.

"December is here and once again (for the second year running) we are thrilled to be offering our unique 12 days to HEALTH and FITNESS Advent Calendar - and this year we think it is our best ever!

We don't want to tempt you with a chocolate every day but we can offer you a daily dose of festive cheer. Don't miss out and remember we'll be offering you special deals and discounts on a daily basis in the run-up to Christmas - in our blog, facebook or twitter 12 days to Health and Fitmass Advent calendar . " Our offer today is FREE delivery on all Nature Sunshine Products used in these power shakes and to make it even sweeter there is 10% off a great range of products too - you can place your order by clicking here. (applies to UK deliveries and if you wish to get a discount on SOLSTIC energy contact me direct or see me at the NENE VALLEY 10 tomorrow.

While you are on the site why don't you take our FREE lifestyle analsis too and give yourself a free health check. Any related health questions you wish to ask me, please feel free to do so on Active Edge Solutions -Personal Training page FACEBOOK and I will provide an answer which will not only help you it will help my friends, fans and followers too.

This next power shake temptation is for all those chocolate lovers out there, yes ladies that's mostly you. Some men do like it too or so I have been told.

CHOCOLATE PROTEIN POWER SHAKE -Mix a single serving of Solstic Energy with Chocolate SynerProTein, and shake (not stir) for a great tasting combo of soya (non GMO) protein and a powerful spectrum of Solstic's unique energy optimising ingredients.

Order stock codes
6501 Solstic Energy ( 1 box of 30 sachets)
9684 Solstic Energy (4 box, 120 sachets)
2905 SynerProTein 448 g( chocolate flavour)
2914 SynerProTein 448 g (original flavour)
4300 TNT 532g

* solstic is suitable for vegetarians

Moral of this story, is don' t leave home without your daily Solstic Energy power pack or you might be like the cycling eco-bunny that simply runs out of steam.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The 12 Days of Health and Fitmass

December is here and once again (for the second year running) we are thrilled to be offering our unique 12 days of Health and Fitmass - and this year we think it will be our best ever!

We'll not be tempting you with a chocolate every day but we can offer you a daily health and fitmass tips to give you, and your loved one's some festive cheer. Don't miss out and remember we'll be offering you special deals and discounts on a daily basis in the run-up to Christmas - in our Advent Blog.

In this feature we will provide you with health and fitness suggestions giving you postive ideas to help you improve your health and fitness through gift ideas for you to feed to your loved one's if their a bit stuck for an idea for you.

On the first day of Health and Fitmass my true love sent to me two great ideas to help improve the health of my home and family:

HEALTH BUY 2 SUNSHINE CONCENTRATE GET 1 FREE! TO PLACE YOUR ORDER PLEASE CALL Quote 258633 to get an extra 15% savings on this fantastic offer. Call: Nature's Sunshine's Order Hotline UK: 08458 40 50 60 RoI: 1 800 535 444 Europe: 00 44 1952 671600 ( Please note prices outside the UK vary due to Vat and local taxes  )
Zumba Fitness Fun way to shape up your New Year

FITMASS BUY a 10 week Class Zumba Pass, GET 1 Zumba Rubber bracelet FREE! TO PLACE YOUR ORDER PLEASE , ask us to reserve one for you any active edge solutions fitness class before Christmas or arrange to collect. Send an EMAIL direct by clicking here with your contact details and we will call you to organise.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Pre-Christmas on-line Fatbusters FREE coaching- ONE TIME ONLY offer!Fed up with yoyo diets getting nowhere fast. As soon as you loose weight it goes back on faster than ever before. Then this is the right program for you!

Would you like to...
Have more energy and stamina?
Feel brighter, cleaner and healthier?
Improve your skin?
Maintain a healthy weight and have a flatter tummy?
Eliminate celluar toxic waste?

Say goodbye to...
Blotchy skin, food allergies, body odour, smelly feet, bad breath, fatigue, bloating and poor digestion.

This powerful proven, fat loss formula will help you to eliminate foods that aid fat gain and help you choose foods for body fat loss. You will learn how some foods hinder and how some foods help you to loose body fat and get healthier. Long term you will make future food choices more wisely.
28 Days to drop a jean or dress size. By joining this supportive program it will change the way you eat for a newer, healthier, happier you.

Four FREE coaching sessions and support group. * support material and products are not included in the price.
You must have access to the internet and e-mail to take part.

Offer Ends 24 November, sign up NOW! Send us your contact details by clicking here!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

When is a Zumba party not just a party...

When is a Zumba party not just a party! When it's a whole lot more besides!

Let the Party begin at your pace.

Party On!

The Citadel
On the 18th of November 2011, I went along to Peterborough's 3rd Intergenerational Convention to present a Workshop for Healthy Living in the context of Intergenerational (IG)Practice and bringing people together through activity. The activity Caroline asked me to present was Zumba Fitness and as an educational point of view the workshop presented was Zumba Gold is not just for Old - It's for the Peterboroughs Intergenerational Practice!

Definition of Intergenerational Practice“Intergenerational (IG) Practice aims to bring people together in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contributes to building more cohesive communities. Intergenerational practice is inclusive, building on the positive resources that the young and old have to offer each other and those around them”
(Beth Johnson Foundation, 2006)

Zumba Gold bringing people of all ages together through activity...

The aim of the workshop was to inspire different generations of people and bring Zumba Gold party to everyone standing or in a chair —"Where there’s an empty space, there’s a Zumba gold party waiting to happen!"

In this workshop we explored the benefits of activity and how the Zumba fitness program can be adapted to suit people of all ages, young or old. From the participants that were chair based, those with limited mobility, with joint or health issues to those with greater abilities and how we can get people moving together through music no matter what age or ability.Bringing People of all ages together for activity healthy living workshop offered the participants a unique Zumba (gold) experience.

To find out more about how the Zumba Party Health & Fitness workshop program can help your group, contact Sue Burnett, Active Edge Solutions. w:, m: 07901 937 665

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cancer Prevention Solutions | Nature's Sunshine

According to G.R. Howe, journal of the National Cancer Institue if the fibre poor populations were to "Increase fibre by 13g daily" risks of colon cancer could be reduce by up to 31%.

Generally, western diets are fibre poor. Research shows that diets low in fibre directly correlates to conditions that affect health such as obesity, diabetes, mellitus, coronary heart disease, colon disease (inc. colon cancer) and a variety of other health issues.

Fibre plays a vital role in controlling cholestrol and blood sugar levels. It provides dietary bulk for constipation prevention and diarrhoea relief. It also absorbs toxins and undigested fats in the bowel through elimination.

Supplement Your Diet with additional Fibre for protection

Many foods today are stripped of fibre before they reach our table they are no longer as nutrient, mineral or fibre rich as they were. This is largely due to intensive modern farming, daily exposure to a cocktail of waste and toxic gases in the air that we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. It is not suprising there is so much disease in our society today and it is becoming increasingly important to supplement our diet

If you're not getting enough fibre from your diet, supplementation offers a good way of topping up your daily levels. TNT contains a balance of 18 different sources of water soluble and fat soluble fibre, 18 vitamins and 11 minerals vital for good health, and powerful antioxidents to help provide protection from free radical damage . It's no wonder the TNT supplement has become a top selling product for Nature's Sunshine. To find out more about
TNT watch this video:
TNT Fibre from NSP Academy on Vimeo.

This product contains Vitamin A. Do not take if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant except on the advice of a doctor or ante-natal clinic. Allergy information: contains buttermilk.

TNT- Fibre & Energy!

Buy Three Get A Fourth One Free. 
To take advantage of this special offer, click here!