Thursday, 21 October 2010

Charlie's First Nordic Walking Steps

City based British Nordic Walking Instructor Sue Burnett is proud to present the first M&S voucher to Charlie who has been taking his first Nordic walking steps towards better health and fitness. The vouchers were supplied by the GETBACKINTO initiative with Living Sport/Sport England and M&S.

Today Charlie joined the group for the third time and he was delighted to have found this group fitness session with a difference. He was inspired to take up Nordic Walking after seeing an advert in the the local evening paper.

Initially he was interested in fitness walking with a group of like minded people and when he arrived the first week he wondered what everyone was doing with the poles. Three weeks into the program he is taking to it like a duck to water.

The regular Nordic Walkers welcome Charlie to their midst and are supporting his efforts to get to grips with this new technique.

Sue said " With the addition of Charlie to the group, the boys will soon be out numbering the girls."  The day time group on a Wednesday attracted the ladies, who will be no doubt be happy to receive their M&S treat next week.

Still time to snap up one of the remaining places on the course next week, contact Sue to find out more. Visit her website : Activeedgesolutions

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Active Edge Solutions - Learn to Nordic Walk

Active Edge Solutions - Learn to Nordic Walk

Today we launched our Get Back Into a Healthier Lifestyle Learn to Nordic Walk Program with Active Edge Solutions, backed by Living Sports, Sports England and M&S.

It was great to see such a good response to this new initiative.  What a super start to this new course.

This campaign is designed with the ladies in mind and to help more people get more active, more often and there is much to gain through this fun easy to learn activity. The course still has a few places left for anyone who didn't quite make it the first week.

Today we tackled getting to grips with cuffs, paws and much much more, improving walking techniques, postural improvements, stretching and limbering up with the poles. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. It was really easy in the sun.

Next week we hope the sun stills shines> Plan 'A' at the park, plan 'B' may be at an indoor venue a Nordic fun, fitness and functionality session using the poles. 

We're really looking forward to next week and getting to grips with some pole planting and more Nordic Walking in store. Next week when the group members return they will get their first M & S voucher.

Details to be advised for this fun, fabulous fitness sessions. There are still one or two places left on this course so if you fancy a new way to improve your fitness in a fun way this fall. Contact Sue now to snap up one of the remaining places. Visit www. for more info or call Sue now on: 07901 937 665

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nordic Walking in Peterborough Today

How did you celebrate your 10 years of Nordic Walking on Worldwide Nordic Walk day?

On the 10th of the 10th 2010 - in Peterborough, I took my trusty Nordic Walking poles for a CITY based walk of 13.1 miles. The Great Eastern Run, Peterborough provided the perfect route to provide an inspiration for those celebrating sports and fitness in the city of Peterborough.  Nordic Walking is so low in impact, you get the same intensity as running but without the impact. 

This fantastic event was featured in Peterborough Today.  Hope you had as much fun on the day, it was a SUN-Tastic and lots of fun for everyone. You might like to join me in training for the next BIG Nordic Walking Event.  Big or Small we love them all.    New Learn to Nordic Walk Classes start 20 October in connection with M&S healthier lifestyle and Sport England. Website; To book your place ask Sue: 07901 937 665.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Reducing Toxic Overload

Every winter many people suffer from coughs, colds and flu like symptoms that seem to linger on and on. Often this can be a sign of the body trying to rid itself of waste and toxic overload.

Reducing Toxic Overload

Early this year I attended a seminar run by Saira Salmon a highly accredited nutritionist where she explained more about toxic overload in todays world and what it would do to the body if left unchecked. Stress, CHD, high cholestorol, diabetes, strokes to name but a few insidious diseases that can be avoided by building up our body's defenses.

'Toxic Overload' A body full of toxins will lower the immune systems and provide an ideal environment for bacteria, parasites and eventual disease.

Also, many people's diets are low in fibre, which often creates irregular and infrequent bowel movements adding to the bodys toxic overload.

 Toxic overload is caused by what we are exposed to in the atmposphere, what is sprayed on the crops, what we ingest through through our skin, what we ingest through our food and water, the products we use on our hair and body. Toxins are everywhere, in the air and in our water, medication can be toxic too, e.g. amalgum fillings removals are handled as toxic waste, there is not much respite.

Exposure to active people can be even greater than sedentary people when it comes to atmospherics and how many people do you know say I do not like the taste of water? Do you remember the Camelford disaster when toxic chemical waste was emptied into drinking water by mistake?

There several stages of reducing and eliminating toxins from the body and our lives to help decrease toxic overload. Saira had undergone the process herself and it wasn't until she started to cleanse her body that she realised the extend of damage it had caused. Today she helps many people to restore their health through better nutrition and healthier eating and is a great advocate of Nature Sunshine Products to help restore the body's balance.

 Toxins are stored in many parts of the body therefore it is important to use a detox to cleanse the entire body. Help is at hand, the healthy starter pack is a unique 10 day herbal detox designed to cleanse the body of celluar waste.

Healthy Starter Program. The first step to a healthier you is to start by eliminating waste and toxins before building up your body's defenses. This consists of three products effective 10 day healthy starter pack,liquid chlorophyll and bifidophilus Flora Force this program is a great way to begin your detoxing process and it can also help to increase your resistance to disease.

  1. Healthy Starter Pack
  2. Liquid Chlorophyll
  3. Bifidophilus Flora Force

Effective Ten Day Healthy Starter Pack

Health specialists across the world recommend a unique 10 day herbal detox called the Healthy starter pack. This effective detox is easy to take alongside a normal healthy diet. Results are better if you omit red meat, alcohol and caffeine from your diet during the 10 days. Health experts recommend this program 2-3 times a year to give your body a periodic 'spring clean'. Drink plenty of water with the detox to flush out toxins. Half way through the program many people expercience a heightened sense of wellbeing and a increased level of energy. DO NOT Detox if you are pregnant or very ill. This is not recommended for children.

Liquid Chlorophyl
A refreshing 'minty' tasting drink, add 1 teaspoon to a glass of water. Enjoy an array of health benefits, natural cleansing of blood, deodorising, antioxident and support to the healthy starter pack.

Bifidophilus Flora Force - Probiotics, feel good on the inside.

Health specialists recommend the use of a Probiotic supplement after detoxing, and following a course of medication like antibiotics, which can delete the body's supply of friendly bacteria. Factor such as stress, disease, environmental conditions or the use of certain medicine can harm these friendly bacteria. Prescribed antibiotics practically wipe out these beneficial bacterium.

This highly effective probiotic is designed to replenish your friendly flora (friendly bacteria). It contains vitamins for the body and plays an important role in supporting your immune system against disease and to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients and food. When you finish the 10 day detox, take bifidophilus (non-milk) for one month to replenish your friendly flora.

To order your healthy starter program , click here : Healthy Starter Program

Here is to your better health this winter, may all your activities be friendly and fun.

Sue Burnett
Personal Trainer
Health and Fitness Specialist