Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Your Daily Sports Nutrition - Beat VAT & Save 20%

Month End Sports Nutrition Offers from Active Edge Solutions

Sports Nutrition Daily Sports Supplements
 " When only the best will do"

Start your daily sports nutrition within 1 hour of waking for best results - Syner-protein and Omega 3 EPA - Good for muscle build, recovery and repair. Helps build strong healthy muscles at a cellular level and helps reduce inflammation. 

Syner-protein - Save 20% Was £15.75 now only £ 12.76
One scoop of Chocolate and one scoop of Vanilla

Add to this 1 scoop of TNT for powerful protection, low in GI, cleases digestive tract, increases energy and helps protect from environtmental pollutions and helps you to meet your daily fibre intake. Increases energy levels.  RDA 30grams which is the equivalent to 7.5 bowls of porridge. Most people in the UK do not consume anywhere near the right amount of fibre. Scientific healthy studies show by increasing fibre intake reduces risks to colonic cancer by up to 31%.

For best sports performance results take prior to and during exercise and add 1 serving of Zambroza to make it even better still.

Omega 3 Epa - Save 20 % Was £13:45  now only £ 10.76 

TNT - Save 20%  Was £20.95   now only £ 16.76

Zambroza powerful anti-oxident drink, it's the endorsed by ORAC and is 300% more powerful than any other anti-oxident drink on the market. - Save 20% Was £ 21.50 now only £17.20

Taken post exercise for muscle recovery, repair, growth and protection. Take 1 scoop of syner-protein, 1 scoop of TNT, 1 portion of Zambroza and Omega 3 EPA. These work best, taken within 20 mins and up to 2 hours after exercise. 

These sports nutrition offers are only available on-line until 5pm, 30th December 2010.  Orders placed after this time will revert back to the full prices and VAT will be applied at 20%.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Get a Grip

This weather has been sent to try us, with so much snow and ice around

It is so easy to slip and  your shoes have less than desirable grip.

One of my lovely Nordic Walkers attended a recent walk wearing a pair of this amazing grippers, that simply slipped onto the bottom of her shoe. An ideal solutions for being outside in on the frozen ground. She also advised these are totally unsuitable for wearing inside.

Here is to putting your best foot forwards, no matter the weather get a grip before you slip You will be certain of some good grip and less slip with these fantastic grippers.  

January Health and Fitness Bargains

Everyone's looking for bargains right now and I've been on a hunt to find some great health and fitness bargains just for you to help you with your health and fitness goals for the coming year.  

Taking a quick look around the store I see there's equipment for fitness, videos to tell you what to do and books to tell you how to do it.  Such a lot of fitness boosting bargains to help you improve your health and fitness, there is something to suit every budget. There are fitness bands galore, very easy to use, you can store them anywhere, in a drawer table, in your bag under a chair.    Ideal for a bit of light stress relief to make light work of your fitness, economic on your time and budget. 

Take a look inside to see what's in store for you. However, if space is not your issue, you may fancy investing in a Reebok Deck.  Go on take a deck inside. You might just bag yourself a big fat audacious bargain to boost your health and fitness for 2011.   Need some one-to-one motivation, to keep you going, or a training plan to improve your chances of success, do get in touch for your own personal plan.

Sports Nutrition - The SynerProtein Difference - products and services from Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training

There is a direct correlation between a fitness programme and the increased demands of the body. Often this is overlooked and little understood. As a result, over time, the depletion of certain nutrients can reduce the body's performance and create health issues.

For many years the sports industry has been dominated by companies promoting stimulant products that can adversely affect our health. Side-effects can include: mineral depletion, restless mucles, excess inflammation in the body, excess fat storage and increased risks to heart disease, type II diabetes and/or osteoporosis amongst others.

Over the years, Rob Dulieu, Guiness World Record challenger for the PLANK tried many protein and other sports nutrition products and by far the best protein he has found is SynerProtein, produced by the award winning Nature's Sunshine healthy company. Others fail to hit the mark when it comes to body performance, muscle repair, muscle growth or weight management progammes. To find out more about SynerProtein and what it can do for you and get your FREE healthy eating plan send and e-mail request.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Alternative Gym - Time Table

Looking for some alternative fitness for the new year, here are some up and coming ways to GREEN up your Health and Fitness. Take a look at these fun and fabulous fitness activities. 

Upcoming Courses

21-12-2010: From Bottle To Bird Feeder

10:00 - 12:00

24-12-2010:  Festive Fabulous Fitness Walk

09:45 - 11:30

02-01-2011: Bus-Walk - Seek that spire

12:10 - 15:40

09-01-2011: Ketton Foray

12:15 - 17:11

10-01-2011: Green on Public Speaking

18:15 - 21:00

15-01-2011: Nordic Walk Taster Session

10:15 - 11:00

15-01-2011: Step Up it's the YMCA GYM open day

10:00 - 16:00

15-01-2011: Aerobic Studio Fitness

13:00 - 14:00

15-01-2011: ViPR Vitality Fitness Taster Session

15:00 - 15:30

15-01-2011:  Fitness Walking Taster Session

14:30 - 15:00

You can help a good cause and start your way to better health and fitness at the same time.  So many choices, there's bound to be one to suit you.
Better shape up, better shake up your fitness for a greener session in 2011
For more information and to book your place, click here :

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ten Low Cost Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals

Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals need to be constantly thinking of how to market their business. To avoid an expensive advertising campaign which may not pay a return on your investment here are some things to consider :

1) The use of branded clothing – make sure that what you wear has the web address of your business on it. This gives people who see you out Personal Training a chance to register your website address in their memory and visit your site later. A couple of good quality branded T-shirts cost me less than £35.

2) Website - You need to have a website for folks to visit even if it is only a one page with a brief outline of your personal training services and your contact details. You can always extend your site at a later date to include multiple pages and/or a blog-based site. A domain name and hosting would cost you around £40 a year. There are many free software packages which will allow a novice to build a useful site, mine is built using Mr Site. Wordpress blogs and Blogger are low in cost too.
Mr Site Takeaway Website. Build a professional website in minutes.

3) Top Marketing Tip - Always carry a number of business cards with you to give to anyone who speaks to you about what you are doing. Many people are intrigued to know because they may not have seen a Personal Trainer before. 250 business cards of decent quality can cost you as little as £6.00 plus vat ( ask me for details, double sided colour £40.00)

4) Train people in popular places to “be seen” – parks and popular walking/cycling routes should be on your timetable of training and fitness walks. There is no point in always Personal Training in isolated places.

5) Attend events, event work gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents and create visibility to people who do not know what you do. Especially useful for therapists.

6) Look the part – always wear clean cloths and decent water proofs , tracksters/trousers/shorts and quality trainig shoes suitable for the job this will make you look professional and that is what people want in an instructor. Maintaining a clean, neat and smart appearance costs time and effort.

7) Be prepared to start a conversation with strangers about Personal Training, its benefits and what you can to offer in terms of instruction – promotional cost , zero !

8) From time to time offer free taster sessions. Personal Training has one weakness and that is its difficult for the observer to appreciate the effort you are putting into the instruction unless someone tries it for themselves. Give your prospect a chance via a free taster session. Do this locally and make people come to you for their free taster.
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9) Use Social Media such as Twitter , Facebook LinkedIn, Ipatter

10) Join an off-line not-for-profit support and collaboration group like O4 ACTIVE to help you build your local networks and get great support to help you become successful.

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