Monday, 15 March 2010

Extra Nordic Walk...

It gives me great pleasure this week to deliver an extra Nordic Walking Class. It will be held this Saturday the 20th of March at Bretton Park at 2pm. The class will start on time, make sure you arrive at least 10 minute before the start to allow pole distribution. Parking available by Peterborough Rugby Club. Do let me know if you would like to go. To book your place, either call me or send a contact request visit:

Saturday, 13 March 2010

It's all in a Naymz

I have just updated my Naymz profile, look forward to seeing more of you joining and extending my health and fitness network beyond recognition. Help me to spread the Health, Fitness and Nordic Word by joining my network today...

Miss Susan Jayne Burnett

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nordic Walking Hollow Haven

Cuckoo's Hollow is an ideal haven for Nordic novices looking to improve health or fitness or learn a new skill. After two months of walking in darkness finally the daylight arrives and a veritable wildlife haven comes into view at Werrington's Cuckoo's Hollow.
Swans, mallards and moorhens were seen skitting across the water yesteraday afternoon as I took advantage of a dry dull day to inject some Nordic Walking lightness and fun into this healthy hollow haven. Guaranteed to put a spring into your step as you step towards better health and fitness with Nordic Walking. Be health, be happy, be Nordic Walking now! To find out more visit the website of INWA instructor, Sue Burnett. Active Edge Solutions
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nordic Walking Launch & the Greeniversity...

What an amazing few weeks we have had from January to February! Nordic Walking is taking the interests of both men and women wanting try an even better activity for health and fitness.

January, saw the launch of Active Edge Solutions Learn to Nordic Walk in Werrington centre in Peterborough. The first class was held at Werrington Sports Centre on the 21st of January. This launch has has caught those keen to try the activity and over the weeks more and more people have been attending the class to find out more about Nordic Walking and find out why it is a better alternative to the conventional gyms, normal walking and high impact sports like running.

This fantastic group of Novice Nordic Walkers have been simply amazing turning up on nights when the weather has been cold, dark and damp. You may ask what Nordic walking has meant to them, it has been a lot of fun, they have met new people and made new friends. It is a place where you can go and walk with company even during the dark nights.

Now the nights are starting to draw out, there is nothing that these walkers will not be able to face. There is much to look forward to, improving technique, getting fitter, preparing for a challenge. One of the students suggested we train for the Breast Cancer Race for Life, how amazing will that be. Nordic Walking can help those recovering from cancer to improve muscle tone in the shoulder and improve well being. It will be great to get out in the daylight and have more fun outdoors, where we can connect with nature, enjoy woodlands and wildlife.

On the 27th of February, the Active Edge Solutions connected with the Greeniversity and Woodfield park to deliver the first Nordic Taster session. It was well attended and the universe provide a dry day which helped to make this event a success the students with an enjoyable class, and to see Woodfield park and wildlife in the daylight hours. The class was full to bursting, with greeniversity students eager to try their new green skills.

All classes are fun, fabulous and friendly and at a pace that suits you. You will get fitter, healthier, meet new people and have a great time. Why wait? Be Nordic Walking Today! Be more active, Be fitter for health or fitness, Be Nordic Walking now!

Nordic Walking classes are currently available at Werrington, Learn to Nordic Walk, Thursday evening 6 pm - 7 pm, Improvers Nordic Walking, 7 pm - 8 pm. Other options weekend, weekday, morning or evening available on request, contact your British Nordic Walking INWA instructor to find out more call: Sue Burnett, 01733 766 990/ 07901 937 665

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