Saturday, 7 January 2012

Top 5 Ways to Blast your body fat off in 10 Mins on a shoestring BUDGET!

So it's New Year and you wanna blast your  belly off and only have a limited budget and limited time so in this case Personal Training is right off the radar.  We thought you might like some quick 10 minute Active Edge Solutions for this problem that  you can do in the comfort of your own home.   We decided to compile our TOP FIVE 10 Minute fixes for your flabby bits and blast off the fat for 2012.  Are you ready? Here we go...

In at Number 5. 10 Minute Solution :  BLAST OFF YOUR BELLY! DVD

10 Minutes to Blast off your belly contains  5 x 10 minute workouts to trim, tone and flatten your midsection. Get yours now  ONLY £4.79

Closely followed at Number 4:  10 Minute Solution:  TARGET TONING for Beginners DVD

Target Toning for beginners has 5 x 10 minute Target Toning workouts for beginners to shape up your abs, thighs, buns, arms and shoulders.  New Only £3.97  Get yours now!

Sitting at Number 3:  10 Minute Solution:   BELLY BUTT and THIGH BLASTER DVD

Belly butt and thigh blasters has 5 x 10 minute workouts to shape up your body. | Better Body Boot Camp |Strong and Slim Thighs | Trim and Toned Tummy| Lower Body Makeover | Belly Flab Fighter.  It's a steal at ONLY £4.94 . Grab yours NOW!

Dancing it off at Number 2 : 10 Minute Solution:  DANCE OFF BELLY FAT DVD

Dance off Belly Fat contains 5 x 10 minute workouts to shape up your abs.  Belly Blaster |  Latin Flavour Waist Sizzler |  Attitude & Energy | Fat Burning Beat |  Dancer's Sillouette. Only £4.97 get your copy now!

At Number 1: 10 Minute Solution:

10 Minute Solution - Blast Off Body Fat DVD

Blast off Body Fat, the UKs No 1 workout. Includes bonus disc " Best of 10 minute Solution" It's an amazing work out, all this for ONLY£4.97. Grab your copy NOW! 

Once you have worked your way through these 10 minute workouts you might be ready to move your fitness to the next level. Why don't you try a class for more motivation, more body blasting fun and make new friends. Active Edge Solutions has a range of affordable classes to suit all budgets such as GYM , Nordic, ViPR or ZUMBA  fitness starting from ONLY £4.00 per class. What are you waiting for?   Talking about it won't help,  ACTION will!