Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Folksworthy Nordic

According to a recent article in the register of exercise professionals journal, Nordic Walking is not just another fad and this turned out to be the case when I recently paid a visit to the Folksworth 15 on Sunday the 24th of January with my Nordic Walking poles. Whilst my fellow club runners were intent on pounding the rural roads through Folksworth and surrouding environs through high intensity running activity. I found it particularly inspiring to walk in a Nordic fashion complete with poles to see who might be interested in this fantastic, low impact, high results, activity of Nordic Walking. I set up stall in the community school and soon the race goers started to ask questions. A Riverside Runner said "would you be able to organise a distance walk at a good pace" As my background is endurance a distance walk at a good pace would be well within my capacity so my response was to ask "how far would you like to walk and at what kind of pace?" One Werrington Jogger approached me to say this would be ideal for his wife and he would let her know that Learn to Nordic Walk classes are now available at Werrington.

Next I found myself chatting to a marvellous man who is over 70 years young, he said "how do the poles differ to trekking poles?" He had some of those at home. "The trekking poles are different and useful in other circumstances and unsuitable for the activity of Nordic Walking, the pole is held a different angle. By contrast the Nordic pole is held an angle that minimises stress through the joints and in turn helps to improve postural imbalances" . This allowed me to offer the sprightly gent an opportunity to have a quick trial session. At the end of this sample session, he said with a big grin " I would like to do a lot more of this. There are some great places to go locally and it would be lovely to walk with other like minded people and I would prefer that than walking alone". He is now looking forward to joining a small group of a similar age at a class due to be launched in Bretton park soon. Other parts of the country have had a lot of success from Age Concern where Nordic Walking has become widely successful in helping people like Tony to become more active.

Shortly after I met a lady who had Parkinsons Disease and she said "I've been reading about Nordic Walking and how it can help people with Parkinsons " Recent medical publications highlight the facts: " Nordic Walking improves mobility in Parkinsons ". This lovely lady was keen for me to deliver a talk to her local group about the benefits of this new Nordic activity. As I was an accomplished speaker, a member of a local group, Anglia Communicators I said I woudl be delighted to offer a talk to this group as requested. What an amazing day, lots of interest from a diverse set of individuals, both men and women a lot of scope to allow others to benefit from this low impact activity which is destined to get big results!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Sports, Health and Fitness Hints and Tips from Sue Burnett: Nordic On Walking

Sports, Health and Fitness Hints and Tips from Sue Burnett: Nordic On

Nordic On Walking

Last night in cool temperatures Peterborough people just got Nordic on Walking, at Werrington Sports Centre. Despite the fact it was cool the group remained high in spirits as the took their first Nordic Steps. The group set to get grips with their poles and learn a new physical activity called Nordic Walking. Their energy, enthusiasm and determination was second to none as they ventured out with their poles and paws. These fantastic Nordic novices were keen to improve their general fitness, tone up, and manage their weight. It is all too easy to pile on the pounds through lack of physical activity. Some activites like walking and running use lower body muscles which can lead to muscular imbalance. Nordic Walking uses up to 90% of all skeletal muscle providing the body a great workout for the entire body. It can burn off up to 46% more calories than normal walking. Making it an effective in helping to improve weight management. One member had been wanting to try Nordic for ages and was highly delighted with the instruction, quality of poles and starting to learn more about how this low impact activity can reduce stress on the joints, and have big results. This has certainly filled a gap for Nordic novices where other high impact sports such as running have left a hole due high stess on the knees, hips and back. Well done to all the novices that just got Nordic on Walking, you have successfully taken your first steps to better health and fitness.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Learn to Nordic Walk

your solution to back pain, shoulder and neck...

Tonight Peterborough people will be poleing about Werrington with INWA instructor, Sue Burnett from These learn to Nordic Walk classes start at 6.30pm Werrington Sports Centre. This is a fantastic launch of a brand new Learn to Nordic Walk program. The first of many to come. Excited students who will picking up their poles tonight in Peterborough for the very first time and are as keen as mustard to try one of the UK's fastest growing activites.

It has proved very popular in other countries such as the Netherlands and Active Edge Solutions Owner Sue Burnett is confident that " it will become very popular as a fun easy to learn activity". So, don't sit on the fence any longer make Nordic Walking your new year's resolution to staying, fit, health and happy. So if you are looking for something to do, somewhere to go,you can now nordic walk it. Poles away!