Saturday, 19 May 2012

British Nordic Walk Fun & Games at the BIG GREEN LUNCH!

British Nordic Walk Fun & Games at the BIG GREEN LUNCH!

On Sunday 3rd June Greeniversity teachers are being offered the chance to take a prime place at the Big Green Lunch. The Big Green Lunch is part of the Green Festival and is its second largest event.  This year it will be held at Itter Park on Fulbridge Road between 11am and 6pm the event will be home to a great range of arts and crafts producers, charities, wellbeing ‘tasters’, food stalls and cookery demonstrations.

Right in the middle of Walton and Paston, Itter Park will host the very first Green Festival event in this area of the city. It will be a great way to encourage people to participate with the Greeniversity. This event ties in with Big Lunch events and Jubilee Celebrations nationwide.

Active Edge Solutions joins other Greeniversity teachers who together have a huge variety of skills and what better way to share that wealth of experience than at an event designed to show off the very best of Peterborough’s Green Scene. 

You are invited to come along and share in the Best of British Nordic Walk fun and games. Sign up for British Nordic Walk Fun and Games at the Big Green Lunch and help put Peterborough and on the map as the best Big Lunch in the UK!

If you would like further information on joining the Nordic Fun and Games class at the Big Green Lunch  contact British Nordic Walk Fun and Games Co-ordinator  Sue Burnett on 01733 766 990 or 07901 937 665 or click here to e-mail