Saturday, 27 November 2010

Today's Top Tip for Health and Fitness Professionals

Building a Professional Profile on Linked In.

Some time ago I was introduced to this platform of connecting with others in a professional sense and many people miss this opportunity to promote their Health and Fitness businesses and build professional links.  This is why I decided today to share this top tip today to help all you busy health and fitness professionals who never took the time or perhaps you did not know it existed. Now you do.  
View Susan Burnett's profile on LinkedIn

When you click on this button it will take you to my professional profile on "Linked in".  You are invited to connect with me on Linked in.    

In business it's important to develop professional networking relationships in addition to social network relationships like twitter and facebook amongst many others out there. Many health and fitness professionals are building their social platforms for connecting on twitter and facebook.

This top tip is not always known by busy health and fitness professionals. So do take a few moments to view my profile and add me to yours should you have one, if not add me as a connection once you have added your professional profile. Look forward to linking with you in a professional sense find me on facebook and and twitter too for more great tips like this. Start connecting now! Sue Burnett, Inspirational Personal Trainer.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Choosing Nordic Walking Poles - Nordic Walk Pole length

There are many things to consider when choosing your Nordic Walking poles.

In the bag

The 2011 collection of Exel Poles are now available for pre-order and we want to assist all our Nordic Walkers to make sure the choose the right poles for right reasons.
Pole Length

To determine the right pole length.

1. Calculate 0.68 x height in cm and round down to nearest pole size.

2. Standing on a flat surface, hold pole vertical with elbow pushed next to side of body
( upper arm vertical, lower arm at right angles to the upper arm)

Height of Person
Ft In cms          Pole Length
5 0   152            105
5 1   155            105
5 2   157            105
5 3   160            110
5 4    163           110
5 5    165           110
5 6    168           115
5 7    170           115
5 8    173           115
5 9    175           120
5 10  178           120
5 11  180           120
6 0    183           125

Factors affecting pole length
There are various factors that might affect pole length. Some examples that might affect the biomechanics are
hip impairments, body geometry e.g. Leg length shorter than normal. In each of these cases as shorter
pole is recommended.

To determine the right length for you, we suggest you try the nearest size in your class to help you decide
which is most comfortable.

Ideally your choice has to be the right one for you. A lot of walking on hard surfaces, high mileage and/or
painful joints we recommend a pole with a higher proportion of carbon fibre.

Walking on soft surfaces and normal joint action. All poles are suitable.
In the future you may have a range of poles suited to different activities or terrains.

The best all round pole is the : ALIS trainer poles we supply for you to use in class but equally all poles are high in
quality and durability.

You may find other pole other places which may be totally unsuitable for what you want to do.  e.g. Trekking poles are totally unsuitable for Nordic Walking.  We do not recommend attempting to Nordic Walk with a trekking pole it is not designed for this activity.   These  alternatives will also differ vastly in quality and durability. For example they may not be heat treated and this may result in the pole shattering or you may find theydo not have good quality paws for walking on hard surfaces or replacement parts when parts wear out. One of my previous clients bought a pair of poles and immediately went through the ends of the paws rendering them next to useless on hard surfaces. Also he was unable to obtain replacement parts. Another client bought a pair of poles and they had no rubber paws available. So again a false economy.

We want you to make the choice that is right for you, should you have any questions or need further advice
on selecting the right pole for you please contact us as soon as you can. We will send your a price list and brochure for information and answer any questions you may have.  Happy Nordic Walking, snow has been predicted which will enable us to go Nordic Ski Walking.  Hooray!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Facebook Badge for Active Edge Solutions. Become a fan today.

Becoming a Fan of Active Edge Solutions _ Personal Training helps us to spread the work about getting more people, more active, more often.  It's easy to become a fan, if you like this page you just 'click on the 'like' button.  Find us on Facebook: Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training 
Promote your Page too

DIAL Sports Fitness for all who who want to become fitter in supportive environment. Join us today for fun, fabulous, fitness sessions at the YMCA gym.

Today at the YMCA GYM, DIAL sports fitness session led by YMCA trained, Active Edge Solutions, Personal Trainer Sue Burnett .  She said "we had two potential members who were recovering from stroke, others who wish to watch their weight,  a partially sighted member and some members who had problems with the spine.   Each and ever one of these current and potential members did not know DIAL Fitness sessions exist. They do not want to go to mainstream gyms and prefer a much more gentle approach to fitness and health. "

One of the DIAL fitness members, Lulu said " It isn't always easy but it is is worthwhile and it makes a bit difference. I feel tired when I have done the sessions but it is a good tired"

Sharon another regular at the gym, who is paritially sighted said " Talking newspapers is a great way to spread the word to people like myself. 

Shortly after Lulu and Sharon left the gym to continue with their day Peter arrived with his partner.  He is stroke survivor and the tought of going to a mainstream gym really didn't do it for him. A quick tour of the gym and the equipment has given him new hope to help him manage his weight and imporve the functionality in his right hand side.  He is looking forward to his induction next week and joining in the fun on Monday's at 10 until 12. 

For more information about DIAL sports fitness sessions.  Contact Bryan Tyler : 01733 265 551 or Sue Burnett 07901 937 665

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Add this to yours... Check in, and check this out. Special bonus available for regular clients. Details to be advised. Waiting on confirmation from Foursquare. Look forward to you checking in. You could be the mayor of this location. Check it out. Personal training extraordiare, Sports and Remedial Massage, Nutrition. You get points every time you visit the clinic. Take good care of yourself.

Look forward to seeing you soon at Active Edge Solutions.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Connecting your world on ipatter

Connect with ipatterThere's a whole world of possibilities for making good connections on ipatter. Do connect with us, network, we look forward to sharing with you, news, events, hints and tips about how to become fitter and healthier and much much more.  We Look forward to connecting with you soon, warm regards, Sue, Active Edge Solutions.