Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's good to share: Add this

Sharing an experiment and checking out a link for Naymz connections for Sue Burnett

Today as I was updating my Naymz profile I came across this really cool add on. Nothing to do with Health and Fitness in a physical sense but if we are to talk about the Health and Fitness of you company and profile then it comes very much into play.
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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nordic Walk Goes Green....

1 Peterborough is one of the greenest environmental cities. Pictured to the left of the screen these wonderful Nordic Walkers who were once green at nordic are using this activity to help with sustainablity. You will see from this snapshot the streetlighting is being recycled to help them see where to go on a cold dark night.
2 Rather than use gym based cardiovascular machines dependent on fossil fuels for warmth the walkers are generating their own unique warmth and energy through this great cardiovascular activity of Nordic Walking.
3 In an attempt to save the planet and increase sustainablity, the carbon fibre poles used in Nordic Walking activities are designed to be kind to the ground, each pole plant aeriates the ground disturbing soil, good for worms and helping to improve drainage and increases nutrient distribution.
4 Greater energy efficiencies are acheived through Nordic Walking. Eco-friendly Nordic Walkers do not require power for their poles. The power for the walk is generated from the pole plant which enables the walker to burn up to 46% more calories than normal walking or treadmill walking. Which means it takes less Nordic Walking activty to burn off that cream bun you ate last week in the hard to refuse birthday bun run. Not only is Nordic Walking energy efficient it is an efficent work out too meaning that you can economise with your time constraints too.
5 Nordic walking is environmentally friendly putting you at one with nature, it enables you to improve your well being and helps you to be a custodian of the countryside. Studies have shown that outdoor activities significanlty increases well-being.
Try a green Nordic Walk today, improve your health and fitness and learn more about this wonderful activity, for your taster session in Peterborough's environmental city visit: Greeniversity or for more information visit: Active Edge Solutions