Friday, 21 August 2009

Can you afford to remove the freedom to choose...

A message from a therapist, Janet .

Hi guys, I don't like spam but this message is important. Basically, a company called Codex Alimentarius are trying to make a 'nanny state' out of us and put all nutritional suppliments, vitamins, etc on 'prescription only', thus taking our ability to decide for ourselves over our own health, completely out of our own hands. Please check out the following website: . More info from the petition creator: The principle of self medication with herbal/vitamin/mineral food supplements would be restricted to 'prescription only' status, if the Codex Alimentarius is applied in this country. Since the NHS priorities are ill health diagnosis and treatment, the good health preservation that supplements provide will be inaccessible to the majority of our population and the cost to the NHS will increase, and the health of the population will decline. Best regards, Janet PS: For more info, you can also check the link below:

MTB Sports Massage Event Work, Hinchingbrooke Park,23 August 2009

Sports Massage, pre/post event work, provided by Active Edge Solutions, Sue Burnett seen in action providing recovery rub to Tour Series Rider...

St Ives CC host the next stage of the Eastern Region Mountain Bike League . To help with race preparations and recovery, the St Ives based club have teamed with the sports massage support team of Phil Young and Sue Burnett, Active Edge Solutions to ensure the riders have the best ride possible. In preparation for the Peterborough Stage of the Tour series, June 2009, cyclingbargains race team manager Rod Freeman is a great supporter of Active Edge Solutions and Sports Massage. He advocates that the best riding mix for performance riders is to have a " balanced training program, good nutrition and sports massage".

Both Sue and Phil will be on hand during the event to provide injury prevention advice, pre and post event sports massage to enhance the riders warm up and race recovery easing away the aches, pains and strains of a days hard riding. This will ensure the riders get the best opportunity to improve their chances of a better performance, reduce the risks to injury and reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).
A bad case of the DOMS is not good for riders, runners or sports people because it means returning to training and racing will take that much longer. Riders can avoid a bad case of the DOMS with an effective sports conditioning massage.
Here is what the riders say about Active Edge Solutions pre/post race massage:
Alex. P, Thatcham, "Very professional and effective"
Davis. D, Cambridge, "Very relaxing and will help with recovery"
Dominic.S, Clapham, "Just what was needed after 156 miles, very comprehensive full leg treatment"
Steve, K, Stamford, "Excellent just the job after hard ride"
James, D, Newark, "Very good, thanks!"
Phil, C, Witnesham, "The advice is as valuable as the massage. Thanks! Very friendly :)"

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Active Edge Solutions @ Grimsthorpe 10k, 31st August, 2009

Sue Burnett, providing sports massage for Cycling Bargains Racing Team riders at the Peterborough Stage, Tour Series, June 2009.

Grimsthorpe 10 k runners are in for a treat this Bank Holiday Monday. Active Edge Solutions has recently teamed up with Bourne Town Harriers to deliver pre/post race Sports Massage at the Grimsthorpe 10k on, Monday 31st of August.
This popular 10k event, will be held in the scenic Grimsthorpe Castle grounds. It promises to be a good one this Bank Holiday Monday, with lots of fun, varied terrain and fantastic scenery for the runners and spectators.
To help you have an even better race, Active Edge Solutions Sue Burnett has teamed with Phil Young to provide a first class pre and post event service to help you prepare and recovery faster from your race efforts.

This top notch sports massage event service has become popular with many club runners at the Frostbite league, the Cycling Bargains Racing Team Riders and the A1 Series this season.
A typical, pre/post event massage you can expect to pay around £8.00-£10.00 per 10/15 minute session. You can pre-book your session on the day to avoid dissapointment, it is allocated on a first come first serve basis. Do remember to pack some pocket money so that you can book yours on the day.
Active Edge Solutions and Bourne Town Harriers, look forward to seeing you soon and helping you to make your event more memorable.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Active Edge Owner Gets Active in Orange...

The colour orange, is the inspiration for this logo. It is dynamic, vibrant and full of energy rather like it's owner. Once upon a time, Sue Burnett had a bike frame that was built just right for her and she decided to have it sprayed pink and yellow. When you spray pink on yellow it goes a zingy orangy colour. Some local riders have seen this 'Retro' bike out and about in Peterborough recently and it may even be appearing at time trial event near you soon. When you see this bike in the craziest shades of orange and yellow, it might just stand out in a rack of grey, red and black carbon fibre frames, wheels and discs.
The bike might be little older, but when your friends give you a backhanded compliment like "it's not slowing you down much" you begin to realise that it is not necessarily the craziest carbon cycle, the slinkiest style of shoe, or shiniest pair of shades that makes you go any faster, train any better or perform your personal best. It comes down to a good training approach, better nutrition and a healthy attitude to getting rest when it is needed. Make sure you include a healthy amount of rest in your exercise routine, eat healthily and approach your training with a purpose, you too will stand the rigours of time and have the time of your life.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Thorney 5, Pre Race/Post Race Massage...

Getting ready to attend the Thorney 5, Sunday 16th August. Good news for Thorney the Race is full.
It was too late for Active Edge Solutions, Sue Burnett to enter the event this year. However, Sue Burnett from Active Edge Solutions will be attending this prestigious event to provide high quality pre and post race massage to help runners prepare for their race and help aid runners race recovery.

Pre-Race: Sports massage can help runners to enhance their warm up. It helps to warm up muscles, tendons and ligaments through invigorating techniques. One cyclist in a recent local race found his legs felt light and responsive as a result. He was pleasantly surprised at how effect a pre-race massage was before his event. Ideal prior to starting an event, pre-race massage helps prepare the runner, athlete or sports person for maximal performance. Typically 10-15 minutes in duration.

Post-Race: After cooling down, post event sports massage can help relax tight muscles, relieve cramp, and increase recover rate. An added benefit is reduced muscle soreness. Typically 10-15 minutes in duration.

Sports Conditioning Massage: Regularly used during training will help runners, cyclists and all active people alike with better sports conditioning. It can help you to improve your flexibility deal with your muscular problems before it impairs your performance. Ideal for all active people training for a marathon, half marathon, local area run, other endurance events or demanding sports. Why don't you consider including regular sessions of sports massage to help you prepare for the big event, helping you to calm pre-event nerves and energise you ready for action. You can visit me tomorrow at the Thorney 5 or contact me soon at the clinic, drop me a line, a text or call. Book yours today, it may help you gain your race or event success.

Take care good luck with the race tomorrow and look forward to seeing you at the race, a local event or in the clinic real soon.

Friday, 14 August 2009

DIY Stretching to help reduce Injury, decrease stress and improve sports performance...

One client asked me this week how he would be able to improve his stretching routine for the demanding sport of boxing and to find out how he could become more flexible in a cost effective way. Whether you run, cycle, take part in fitness or other active sports or general activities it is important to ensure you stretch well and preferably after you have warmed up.

Stretching has many benefits, improving your relaxation, reducing your risks to injury, improving your rate of recovery and helping you to enhance your performance. It is of course up to you how little or much you do. Most people will benefit greatly with the introduction of stretching into their daily life.

Depending on how flexible you are or how flexible you want to become for fitness, sports or health here are some DIY suggestions. Each one has has a different focus and it will enable you to improve the way that you stretch, so you improve what you do. You can develop a stretching routine yourself and in your own time, discover which one works best for you.

Solstic Energy - Welcome to Solstic

Solstic Energy - Welcome to Solstic

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Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity, to learn more about this fantastic product, and live your life to the full. Places are selling out fast, if you cannot go you can click on this link to order your free sample of this fantastic natural instant energy product. Click the link to book your place now.

Solstic is a delicious and Healthy Energy Drink. Only 6 calories - contains no fat, only 1.8g of carbs. Excellent range of B vitamins. Instant natural energy on the go, to help you lead the life you wish to live.

Join the Solstic Club!

Get healthy and get paid! At Solstic energy club, we believe in healthy fit bodies and a healthy income. You can enjoy the delicious and nutritious virtues of this amazing energy drink and reap the rewards from your very own successful Solstic Energy club business.

It pays to be first...

This is a ground floor program with a 36 year old company. Groundfloor programs with the peace of mind that you have with a market leading, secure, stable, debt free company behind you rarely come along. You won't get better than that and remember the earlier you start your Solstic business the more rewarding it will become.

No prior experience required...

You do not need any business or product knowledge to start your Solstic business. All the training you need is provided by Solstic Energy and your support team. Training takes place in different parts of the country and your support team offer individual assistance and guidance to ensure you get the training and guidance you need. In addition, the Solstic Energy Health Science department will assist with technical product queries.

Solstic are looking for distributers now, work the hours that you want from home. Build a residual income. To find out how you can become a distributor for this fantastic product please get in touch...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Introducing change4life...

Today at long last Active Edge Solutions is proud to announce it's partnership and support for the change4life campaign.

The change4life campaign is designed to help us all especially our kids, eat better, move more and live longer.

The problem according to Jane Austen was that some things are caught and not taught. In Jane Austen's time wealthy people lived off the fat of the land. Modern lifestyle makes it hard for us to eat healthy food and consequently it is people on tighter budgets that live off the saturated fat of the land. What kind of lessons do your kids learn if they see you being inactive, eating highly saturated fats, snacks, crisps and sweets?
According to the government foresight report, if we carry on at the current rage 9 out of 10 children grow up to have dangerous levels of fat in their bodies. Research has shown that many parents are unware of the risks to their children. Family food consumption is generally underestimated by parents and the amount of family activity is overestimated. It is estimated that 1 in 10 parents realise that their children are overweight or obese. This situation has been called a 'time-bomb'.
This campaign will help our nation to gain a greater understanding of how parents can help their family improve lifestyles and habits for healthier choices which will lead to a better way of life.
8 easy tips to change4life
1. sugar swaps
Swapping sugary snacks and drinks for ones that are low in sugar cane make a huge difference to your kid's calorie consumption
2. meal time
it is important for kids to have regular balanced meals or they may miss out on essential nutrients.
3. me size meal
Growing kids need to eat the right amount for their age.
4. snack check
Many snacks are full of fat, sugar and salt. Keep an eye on the amount of less healthy snacks your kids eat.
5. 5 a day
It's easier than you think go give your kids five protions of fruit and veg every day. Kid portions is roughly a handful of fruit and veg.
6. cut back on fat
Every one knows too much fat is bad, but is not always easy to know where it is hidden.
7. 60 active minutes
Kids need 60 minutes of activity to help them to stay happy and healthy.
8. up and about
Too many long hours before a TV, a computer or video game may mean our bodies don't burn enough fat.
Find lots more tips and ideas to help you kids stay happy, fit and healthy. sign up to Change4life today.
Search for change4life or call 0300 123 4567

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sports Talk

Just to remind you about the Sports Talk which will be given by Clinton on Wednesday evening 12th. August at The Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Nr. Peterborough 7pm - 9pm.

Preventing the Spread of Swine Flu...

'Big Pig'
'Big Pig',
originally uploaded by National Media Museum.

Your continued actions in prevention of swineflu spreading is considered to better than a cure!

Preventing the spread of Swine Flu in UK Source Nature Sunshine

Issue Date: 24th July 2009

With the number of new cases of swine flu in the past week reaching an estimated 100,000 (Ref: BBC News) we have all become acutely aware of the importance of hygiene. TV advertising reminds us constantly that we all have a part to play in helping to control the spread of this flu pandemic.

Regular cleaning and hand cleansing with Silver Shield Gel and Liquid (with Aqua Sol Technology) is an effective way of preventing the transfer of unwanted invaders, and has become a popular alternative to other products on the market.Scientific research is demonstrating that this form of silver has remarkable effects on a wide range of surface organisms:

• Potent cleanser and disinfectant.

• Proprietary technology is highly concentrated but non-toxic.

• Can be used topically and to purify water.

• Is completely non-toxic; no heavy metal contamination.

• Acts as an EPA-approved surface disinfectant.

• Available as a Gel, and Liquid formulation

In addition, Silver Shield Gel is the most potent silver product currently manufactured. It is completely non-toxic, safe and effective without the risk of heavy metal contamination.

How it Works

Silver Shield disables the specific enzyme that many unwanted microorganisms need to metabolize oxygen (breathe). When this enzyme becomes disabled, the microorganisms cannot thrive. Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology has been effective against unwanted micro-organisms when tested in vitro.Silver Shield Gel is manufactured with a patented process called Aqua Sol Technology and uses only the finest particle size colloids to ensure maximum efficiency, providing 24ppm of silver in a clear moisturising gel. Nature's Sunshine uses the very latest technology and cutting edge methods that provide you with only the very best quality silver products. Made with food-grade ingredients Silver Shield Gel contains no alcohol, and is safe for children.

Remember the Government Guidelines for preventing the spread of Swine Flu:

• Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, using a tissue and

• Throw the tissue away quickly and carefully

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water

• Clean hard surfaces (like door handles and remote controls) frequently

Silver Shield Gel is ideal to carry in your pocket or handbag. It can be used frequently to protect your hands when hot water and soap are not available. Because Silver Shield Gel is so safe it can also be applied around the nose and mouth, or anywhere else on the body, and is completely safe to use on children, the frail and the elderly.
Prevention Flu video


Watch the TV advert

For more information on Silver Shield products contact our helpline on 01733 766 990 or email To order call the Order Hotline on 01733 766 990 (from UK)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Not All Supplements are Equal...

It was surprising to hear recently that some people believe food or health supplements were unhelpful unless you are a performance athlete.

All nutrition whether it is for sports, fitness or health starts with eating a balanced nutritious diet and good hydration. There are, however, times when even seemingly nutritious food does not supply you with what the vital nutrients that you need in life because your body is under constant attack from free radical damage by increasing envrionmental pollution, chemical fertilizers, carbon dioxide and other nitrous volatile gasses that are spewed into the atmosphere.

Scientific research shows how micro and trace elements are lacking in our supermarket foods today. This depleted nutritional aspect of our food supply affects people at all levels whether for health, fitness or performance. One of the main contributions to inflammation and diseases such as muscular disorders, respiratory disorders, osteoporosis or arthritis is probably due to free radical damage caused by environmental pollution or nutritional deficiences.

The Rio earth summit in 1992 highlighted the fact that a large proportion as much as 7/10ths, I believe, of our soil is now infertile thanks to environmental pollution and soil degradation.
Foods grown in infertile soils, transportation and chemical polution all further depelete the world's nutritional value of food. http://http//

You will here it in the news, you will read it on the internet, and you will see supermarket shelves stocked with nutritional supplements. Eg. calcium, magnesium, codliver oil, Omega 3 EPA. Foos and Sports supplementation is a multi-million dollar business for many companies, but not all supplements are equal.

When it comes to the food supplements you buy it is hard to determine which one's are right and which one is right for you. There are many companies that use brain washing techniques to get you to buy their products. According to many people that I know in sports today the nutritional value of these products may be questionable and do not necessarily improve your performance . It is clever marketing that makes people buy their products. You can call it brain washing if you choose. Are they in it for their own gain ? A simple isotonic drink can be made for a fraction of the cost and very easy to make, but many people choose to buy sugary istonic drinks in red, yellow or blue which serve to spike blood sugars rather replace the vital salts depleted during physical activity.


For your peace of mind when buying supplements you may wish to consider checking whether you get a quality assurance, a money back guarantee , or whether it is wild crafted, organically produced and tested to pharmaceutical standards. You deserve the best supplements that money can buy to enable you to live the best life you can live. This will ensure you are living the best life you can live, for you health, longevity and performance.


Gi Store

Naturally beautiful, from the inside...

Common, but still beautiful...

Naturally beautiful, fragile, delicate,amazing.

This morning sorting out the laundry it was delightful to discover two beautiful butterfiles asleep on the towels that were brought in late last night while it was still dark.

Tightly closed darkened wings on the underneath. It was hard to spot their natural beauty as they tiny bodies, legs and wings quivered on the dark surface of the freshly laundered towels. A fresh vibrant natural beauty for the eye of the holder which was revealed suddenly when they silently spread their fragile soft wings to return to where nature had intended.

Natural beauty is more than is held in the eye of the beholder and goes much deeper than the surface layers of the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it will benefit greatly from better nutrition. Natria collection of skin care products provides your skin with a complete skin nutrition, fortified with complexes to target problem areas. This range of complex ingredients get to work from the deep layers where new skin cells are formed, providing targeted nutrition, protection and growth where it is needed the most.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Effective Healthy Starter...

Speaking to sports, fitness and weight management enthusiast on a recent morning cycle ride of 50+ miles brought home the ever increasing importance of starting the day healthily.
When seeking to loose weight, at the moment, there are many of ways starting your day which are seemingly healthy (take for example a bowl of porridge it is low in glycemic index, which releases its energy slowly, passes through your gastric tract slowly, making you feel fuller for longer).
So, how do you make a good breakfast choice even better to improve the chances of weight loss? The old saying " if you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got" does have some truth.

You need to know you can make a change, whatever that might be. It is those small incremental changes that leads to a greater cumulative change. The "you always got" gives you the same results, this is not resulting in your weight loss.
This is where alternative approaches can come in and subtle changes can be made to help you acheive the results you are looking for. Getting into that little black dress or tux for the christmas party, looking wonderful in your wedding gown, superb in your suit, or gaining a personal best time in your next sporting event.

If the thought of making change scares you, or interests you and you would like to know more about making changes to your current weight management programme and making it even better. For further guidance in making change to your current approach to weight management, you can contact Sue Burnett, visit her contacts page at: