Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Are you prepared for the cold and flu season?

There are more than two hundred different viruses which cause the common cold and three main types of viruses which cause the flu (influenza). All can be extremely contagious, regularly mutating causing different varieties of the strain allowing reinfection of a similar type virus. The seasonal flu virus kills more than 600 people in the UK each year and up to 13,000 during an epidemic. Antibiotics do not have any effect whatsoever against viral infections and antiviral drugs do not cater for any mutations which occur with the strain.

For this reason it is important to know what is available to you to help reduce the risk of catching a virus and when you have a virus how you can help your body recover. In this newsletter we take a look at some solutions to enhance your immunity.

How are viruses spread from person to person?

When someone coughs or sneezes into their hands and then if they touch a door handle, hand rail, computer keyboard, TV remote control, paperwork, moneyclothing or any object, then the virus will stay in an active state on that object for up to 24 hours. If someone touches an object contaminated by a virus and then subsequently touches their nose,eyes or mouth, they can become infected. Also if someone sneezes or coughs into the air, millions of tiny droplets cover approximately a 1 metre (3 foot) area, staying suspended in the air for a period of time before dropping onto and contaminating objects which people may touch.The length of time the droplets stay suspended in the air depends on the humidity which is the reason why these droplets can stay airborne for longer during the winter months.


Maintaining a strong immune system through good nutrition,including supplementation is important for all ages. The consultant who has provided you with this newsletter will be able to give you advice on good immune boosting supplementation. Please read below in this newsletter to learn about two groundbreaking patented anti-viral products developed using new technology which has proven to achieve remarkable results.

Anti-viral products

Effective against 143 disease causing pathogens

A patented antiviral technology(US patent #7,135,195) proven to be effective against 143 diseasecausing pathogens is used toproduce two products, Silver ShieldLiquid and Silver Shield Gel. The documented use of Silver for health benefits dates back to 2000 BC. As with other heavymetals like lead and mercury, silver has powerful anti-viral, antibacterial & anti-mould properties, however unlike other heavy metals silver is non-toxic to humans. The safety of silver combined with strong anti-pathogenic properties gave rise to the metal being used in a wide range of applications from various instruments used in hospitals including catheters and tracheal breathing tubes through to silver treated dressings & creams for burns and water filtration systems.

In the first world war, before the advent of antibiotics, silver was administered on wounds to prevent infections. In the last century we saw the development of silverware like cutlery, tankards and goblets for the anti-pathogenic properties and in this century silver is now used in systems in space shuttles. Using nanotechnology, silver ions have even been integrated into the
polymer which yarns are made to incorporate antibacterial benefits in clothing.

New aqua sol technology has resulted in 2 silver products which are significantly more effective than other products on the market. These patented aqua sol products are created by using 10,000 volts of alternating current. The resultant silver preparation resonates at 910 erahertz, with a pure silver core missing two electrons in its outer shell resulting in a solution
which has catalytic capabilities. This means that the solution can destroy pathogens and continually recharge to continue working, unlike other products on the market which have a limited effect

Both products are made using a patented process called aqua sol technology (see above). These unique products are significantly more superior compared to other silver products on the market. Both products will take between 3 to 6 minutes to disable and destroy a pathogen. These products can be used as a preventative measure or to help alleviate an existing problem.

Silver Shield liquid is deigned to be taken orally. Other uses include; Gargling with the liquid if you have a sore throat; Putting in a spray bottle to destroy pathogens in an area (beneficial to spray around someone’s hospital bed); Used in a nebulizer to direct the liquid into the respiratory system.

Silver Shield Gel is for external application. Rub into your hands to help provide your hands with up to 4 hours protection against pathogens. Apply to spots, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, cuts and burns. You can even use the gel as an anti-ageing product on your face and neck. When you have lines and wrinkles, these warm moist habitats provide an ideal home for bacteria which multiply in numbers and feed on skin cells, further deepening the lines and wrinkles.

Silver Shield Gel will help destroy these bacteria and therefore help prevent the deepening of the lines and wrinkles.

About this Newsletter
This newsletter has been sent to you courtesy of your Nature’s Sunshine consultant (details below). Please contact your consultant for further information about the health products featured in this publication. Please be aware, these products are not available in the shops.
Your consultant is : Sue Burnett from Active Edge Solutions Health and Fitness

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

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