Friday, 27 August 2010

Next Week's Greeniversity Courses

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Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

Wednesday 1st September
Knitting for Beginners
A fun and friendly knitting class for those who wish to learn and make new friends

Thursday 2nd September

Nordic Walking Taster Session & Fitness Walk
Learn an innovative walking technique then tone up on a fitness walk

Thursday 2nd September
Art and History Teaching Skills Workshop
A workshop designed to teach how to teach – ideal for budding Greeniversity tutors!

Friday 3rd September
Creative Peterborough Networking Event
Become up-to-date with the creative and artistic side of Peterborough

Friday 3rd September
Nordic Walking Taster Session & Fitness Walk
Learn an innovative walking technique then tone up on a fitness walk

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on our forum go to:
Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Peterborough Nordic Walkers!

Calling Peterborough Nordic Walkers

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We have some fantastic Nordic Walks for you all this week. Hope you will have the time and wish to come along for some wonderful Nordic walking this week.

Nordic Walk 1 - Nordic Walk for Active Workplaces on TUESDAY 24th August. Usually we meet at the Peterborough and Stamford District Hospital Thorpe Road and this week we will be starting Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire click here for > Details

Gables listed building - Peterborough

Meet at the Thorpe Meadows, map/grid ref: 142: TL 174 985 at 17:20 for a 17:30 start. Park in the FREE Thorpe Meadows car park opposite the Ramada Hotel. We will walk on the Meadows or the Boardwalk and back.

Full details are posted here MEETUP Please come along and join us for a great walk on Tuesday, starting at 9:30am. It will be about 2 - 3 miles.

Nordic Walk 2 We will also meet on WEDNESDAY 25th August starting from the Royal Hoskoning, Rightwell House, Bretton, Peterborough.

Meet at Rightwell House, Bretton, Cambs, at Royal Hoskoning (Rightwell House). A great walk, the walk through Highlees Spinney and Bretton Park will be approx 2-3 miles.

Full details are posted here MEETUP. Please come along and join us for a great walk on Wednesday.

Nordic Walk 3 We meet every THURSDAY evening walk from Werrington Sports Centre, Thursday 26th August although this week we will meet up at Bretton Centre.

Bretton Centre, Car Park, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough. If you wish to come along then we shall meet at the FREE Bretton centre car park, near the phone store.

Full details are posted here details click here> MEETUP. Please come along and join us for a great fitness and weightloss Nordic walk on THURSDAY evening, starting at 6.30pm. It will be about 4½ - 5 miles.

Nordic Walk 4 Meet us on FRIDAY morning for our well-being and weightloss Nordic Walk full details click here> : MEETUP

We meet up every Friday at Bretton Park for our regular Nordic Walk and this week we will meet up at Werrington Sports Centre.

FREE car parking is available at the Werrington Sports Centre, Staniland Way, Werrington Peterborough. Do join us for this Nordic Walk, it will be approximately 3 - 3.5 miles.

Nordic Walk 5 is part of our newest Learn to Nordic Walk group and we will meet up at Thorpe Meadows for our fifth class. We'll meet up at the Thorpe Meadows, map/grid ref: 142: TL 174 985 at 17:20 for a 17:30 start. Park in the FREE Thorpe Meadows car park opposite the Ramada Hotel.

We will be working on techniques to equip you with skills to enable you to join our regular Nordic Walks for health, fitness and weightloss.

Learn to Nordic Walk details of click here> MEETUP .Add Image

When: FRIDAY, August 27, 2010

Time : 6:15 PM

Where: Thorpe Meadows ,Peterborough, United Kingdom

Arrive at 6:00 pm to sort out equipment (poles) ready to start at 6:15 pm.

We look forward to meeting you this week for one of our amazing Nordic Walks in Peterborough, we hope that you can make the time this week for your Nordic Walking experience. Should you have friend who would like to learn to Nordic Walk then do ask them to get in touch soon about the next Active Edge Solutions Learn to Nordic Walk course.

Nordic Walking Meet ups

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This widget is great it shows all the local meetups, locally, nationally and globally. Take a look at all the Nordic Walking Meetups that are going in the next week or so in Peterborough, I do hope you will join us soon for another fantastic Nordic Walking Meetup. For more information about Nordic Walking Improvers or Learning to Nordic walk do get in touch. Visit: Active Edge Solutions Look forward to seeing you soon warmest regards, Sue Burnett, Personal Trainer, British Nordic Walking Instructor (INWA).

Friday, 20 August 2010

Swing Stick Flexible Bar

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Swing Stick Flexible Bar

This evening we were working on 'core' techniques, our Learn to Nordic Walk group was working on the 'core' as and up to 90% of the total body work out.
How amazing is that?
While we were waiting for the students to arrive we had some 'play' time with another bit of 'core' fitness kit.
The Swing Stick Flexible bar. Swing your body to better health and fitness, 8 minutes a day is all that it takes, the work comes through vibrations.

Sue is super at swinging her swing stick flexible bar. She shows you how easy it is to keep working out effectively in such a short space of time is just great to top up your fitness. Trim and tone that body, SUPERB!
It is by far an amazing exercise that can be done every day, anywhere, any place, any time for one part of the body or another, it works on vibration of the muscles contraction, and is rather like a 'Power Plate' but costs only a fraction of the price.
As seen on TV previously, £35.99, you can buy this perfect product from Active Edge Solutions for ONLY £24.99! This price includes VAT, a DVD and an exercise sheet. P&p is not included in this price. Contact Sue to find out more about this great product. She may even give you a demo for FREE!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

FREE Greeniversity Course

Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

Sunday 22nd August
Bus-Walk – The Tixover Triangle
A guided walk through Peterborough’s panoramic countryside

Monday 23rd August
Learn effective communication skills in this fun workshop

Monday 23rd August
Family Drop-In – Little Diggers
A fun family gardening session – perfect for the kids!

Thursday 26th August
Quiet Garden at Quaker Meeting House
Take a spiritual break and relax at the picturesque Quaker gardens

Thursday 26th August
Greeniversity Kids – Butterfly Sculpture Workshop
Create a butterfly sculpture from recycled materials with the guidance of a professional artist

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on the Greeniversity forum go to:

Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Nordic Walking & Much More...

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Tuesday, 10th of August, week 9 of the NHS Learn to Nordic Thorpe Meadows, along a lovely track across a meadowland, along the end of the rowing lake and back along the river bank. It was a little bit noisy as we Nordic Walked fairly close by the overhead parkway but as we strode along the river bank talking about butterflies, fauna and flora it became peaceful and enabled the ladies to switch off from a busy day at the operating theatre. The ladies look forward to the next Nordic Walk. We saw beautiful meadow flowers, wild geranium, bullrushes and waterlilies as well as swans a swimming on the river with their goslings that are fast transfroming from their stubby greybrown feathers to emerge as beautiful white swans soon.

Wednesday, 11th of August take one, week 9 of the Royal Hoskoning Learn to Nordic Ski Walk, Active Workplaces program. This week we were able to take a loop of Bretton Park in it's entirity, which was a brisker walk due to the fact we had to adapt the lessons slightly to accommodate for two later arrivals to our group. One of the ladies had forgotten her niece and nephew were staying with her this week and did not want to miss the walk so we had a quick introduction for them so we could get her out and about in the fresh air. We managed to make a train and do some dragging with the poles and make some light work of stretches using the poles. It was lots of fun to work with the two youngsters who came along unexpectedly with ladies who Nordic walked at lunch.

Wednesday, 11th of August, take two - week 9 of the U3A, Nordic Walking program. We are now comfortably walking with poles and increasing agility and directions of travel. Round about , weaving in and out of the trees, a veritable playground of outdoor activity was what we found in store on our walk today as we went down to the country park.

During our walk we saw, deadly-nightshade, seven swans a swimming and beautiful wild orchids in the nature reserve. It was so lovely, on the water we saw so many wild water based birds, coots, moorhens, cormorants roosting in the trees in the middle of the lake. On the bank there we kept company with copious canada geese in a gaggle as we Nordic Walked along the banks of the lake.

Wednesday, 11th of August, GP 5k series, round 5.

It was a fantastic event, organised by local running club Werrington Joggers. Phil Lloyd was the race director working hard behind the scenes to get results and co-ordinate the event. Some good performances were had by all, a dry evening and it all seemed to come together on day. A personal performance this time. Best 5K time for the season, finished in a time of 20:49.

Thursday, 12th of August, 4 mile challenge was the order of the day - The challenge was to walk 4 miles in 1 hour, last time we took 1.06 so the ladies and Andrew were going for it. Off we set with determiniation in our step, as we set off Andrew was keeping good pace, he had some catching up to do and he wasn't giving in easily. We kept a steady rhythm, faltering for a undone shoe-lace, and a cardigan that had fallen from a waist. On we went with strong determination, the end drew near and Andrew and I kept closing the small gap that had appeared. This time around, the gap did not widen to far and our gentleman challenger was awarded the most improved Nordic Walker for the evening. In a time of 1.04 was the final score so we are getting closer to that magic 4 mile per hour. Next time we will have it cracked. We were so lucky to have a dry evening that ended with a Rainbow, earlier that day there had be thuder in the air and then the sun came out and allowed us to take our challenge. You are all stars!

Friday, 13th of August, Nordic morning improvers walk saw the return of Helen from her travels it has been so long she was almost like a new girl on the block. We took a trip to the nature reserve and discovered hides that were hidden from view, the posse had been to this part of the park and never set foot in the hide before. Today we had a look at the bull rushes and the dried up water bed. East Anglia is one of the driest parts of the UK, it is the fourth driest area which is quite hard to believe because it rains quite a lot. We will walk here again when it is wetter so can see the wetland wildlife in its naturally created habitat. Our walk was lovely and so was the company. We look forward to the walk to see the different seasons. Today we saw cherries, hawthorne and rowan bright berries amongst approaching autumnal foilage.

Friday, 13th of August, it was FUN FIT FRIDAY with the YMCA. The girls outnumbered the absent boys and we worked on getting more from the gym for the thighs, bums and tums were the order of the day. We used swingstick fitness to work the core, we used fitness bands to help burn fat from the the thighs, bums and tums, hamstring curls and leg extensions, followed by some upper body, to balance out, chest press, bicep curls, tricep extensions and lateral back stretches using a jelly tube. What fun we had in the gym, it was all about taking it slow and working the muscles not banging out heavier reps with no downward phase. Yes we did get the muscles working and fat burning today. Well done girls you have the power to tone and trim that body to better shape, it is good to look healthy and have sculpted lean muscle tone.

Friday, 13th of August, more Nordic Walking was in store. Private session was taken in the rain for our newest Nordic Walker student, we did not notice that it was so wet we had so much fun. This was followed by Lesson 3 in our Learn to Nordic Walk this August, the rain stopped just long enough to allow us to get into a stride, and did Chrissie go. Wow, you would not beleive week or two ago this would have been possible, she really got the heart and lungs going and felt the training effect. On her face she wore the biggest grin ever. She has really been inspired, and is looking forward to the MOONWALK challenge next year. Nordic Walking is so going to help her with this challenge, our Thursday Nordic Walker completed the MOONWALK this year in a very respectable 6 hrs and 59 minutes. Well done Lynda, Well done Chrissie.

The week is not yet over, Saturday was spent not cleaning the house and ironing which is long overdue. Updating the website and preparing to attend Thorney 5 , organised by Thorney Running Club's David Bailey, Sunday 15th of August. Fantastic, well organised event, I was so busy I had forgotten I posted a last minute entry. No running for me today though because forgot that I had entered the event and didn't pack any trainers, club vest and shorts. Spent the time making new friends, promoting Nordic Walking and passing my place to a fellow club mate who should have had a number, he had shoes, shirt and shorts. I said take my number it will serve well, enjoy the race. Well done to all the prize winners! Made new friends , added to facebook pages and written this blog post. What an extraordinary week, time for a well earned rest and a glass of red.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

ActiveEdge Solutions - Sports Massage nICE Treatment

Top Health Tip for Today: ICE,ICE, BABY

DIY Fake Ice Cubes
Photo Credit, Kyle May,

Natural ice is nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory. Should you experience any swelling, soreness or tenderness due to unexplained circumstances apply ICE it's natures natural powerful anti-inflammatory , has no side effects or nasty surprises and the best bit it's virtually FREE. Make sure you put something between yourself and the ice to avoid frostbite. ;-) Whether you running, playing football or everyday activities ice can be used by all ages and abilities.

To improve your rate of recovery and return to fitness faster, professional help is available from Sue Burnett Active Edge Solutions Injury Management service.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Solstic Energy - Summertime special

Active Edge Solutions

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Wordle: Solstic EnergySolstic Energy Summer Time Special Offer! FREE PRIZE DRAW!

30% Savings for preferred customers or find out more about Solstic Energy, visit this site: Active Edge Solutions Solstic Energy. Offer ends 31st of August 2010, get yours now at this fantastic saving and enter a free prize draw lots to be won. Whatever your sport, Solstic Energy can give you the Active Edge. Contact me now to find out more.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Nordic Walking Week

by Active Edge Solutions

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Monday - First Nordic Walk of the week and introduction to Nordic Walking for Peterborough Women's centre. A nice gentle introduction to Nordic Walking. For some reason it was promoted on the website as a cardio workout, which it is but perhaps not quite in the style of an Aerobic workout. The way that Nordic Walking differs to this type of workout is that it is lower in impact and big in results you get the cardiovascular system working effectively but it doesn't feel like hard work and you are not dripping buckets at the end.

Tuesday - Took us to the Peterborough and Stamford District Hospital on Thorpe Road for the Active Work Places program for Nordic and Fitness Walking, week 8 of their 12 week program. Our route took us along Thorpe Road, down to the rowing lake, we saw rabbits galore as we praticed throwing our poles to improve our techniques. Next week the vote was to start the walk at the meadows. Ladies and gents do join us again next week for another fun Nordic and Fitness walk.

Wednesday - Our second Living Sport - Active Work Places fitness session this week took us to Bretton, this time Royal Hoskoning our aim at week 8 was to complete a continuous loop of Bretton Park without stopping. We Nordic Walked we talked and took a totally terrific trip to complete the circuit of Bretton park. The invitation was extended to the YMCA to join in for a Fitness walk. Check out FUN FITNESS FRIDAY for the YMCA
The day progresses to another Nordic Walk at the meadows this time with the U3A, with the passing of the poles and a new route perhaps a slightly extended route the small U3A posse of Nordic Walkers were enjoying their new found Nordic Walking skills. Lots of fun was had by all

Thursday - Nordic Walk Improvers at Werrington, was yet again another totally terrific adventure, we took an intrepid trip, through Cuckoo's hollow and along a grassy banked dyke for a 3.74 mile Nordic walk. Thrush, blackberries and a heron were some of the delights we saw on our intrepid tour. Janet was amazed to know of this new route and totally surprise at my knowledge of the local countryside, she never ceased to be amazed by Nordic Walking and our intrepid adventures. Next week we are going for it - 4 mile challenge here we come!

Friday -
- Nordic improvers at Bretton Park. Our Nordic walk was a great circuit that took us on a reverse trip through the park to the east, heading along the network of cycle paths that link up our city in abundance. We took a brisk Nordic Walk along the route, through a treelined section, under a pass to complete our loop back to the park. According to Linda we took over 6000 steps during our walk. Linda who was our pedometer monitor and took it all in a her stride! Our fitness was also measured in terms of how far we could now go before energy levels started to feel a little low, the general concensus was much further and everyone was happy and finished on a high note. A BIG WELL DONE everyone!

Saturday - Private Nordic Walking introduction for a young lady who was looking to do something new, and came across Nordic Walking just by chance. The day started at 08:30 am, a nice breeze off the water by the lakeside, some sunshine warmed our skin and the opportunity to show my new T-SHIRT - With this session under her belt she will join our Learn to Nordic Walk group on Friday to continue her Nordic Walking Journey - This was topped by a Nordic Walk to have a picnic in the meadows by the sailing lake. A nice mixture turned up, a couple from the U3A complete with off-spring, children, grand-children and cousins - Phillipa, Margaret, Roy, Conny, Colin started our Nordic/Fitness walk, as we set of the rains came down and we had to cut our walk short so we didn't get too wet. A good time was had by all, next time it will be fine. Join us soon to start your Nordic Walking Journey. Contact: Active Edge Solutions to find out where you begin.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Next Week's Greeniversity Courses...

Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

~ Saturday 7th August ~

Picnic on the Meadows
A day of family fun including live music, Heart FM on-stage, helicopter rides and more!

~ Sunday 8th August ~

Bus-Walk – Nene Panorama
Explore Peterborough’s beautiful landscape with an experienced walk leader

~ Wednesday 11th August ~

Fire by Friction – Family Discovery Day
A day of family fun – learn the ancient technique of making fire without matches"