Monday, 19 April 2010

Nordic Walking - New Territories

It was Thursday, our regular Nordic Walk night, 6.30pm. The would be Nordic walkers gathered in the car park at Werringtion Sports Centre, keen, ready and willing to walk. After the initial health checks that everyone was fit to go, no new aches, pains or illnesses we were ready to warm up. Poles in hand and ready for some Nordic Action.

Into the unknown the Nordic walkers went, the evening was light and for some it was the first lit walk of the spring. Their Nordic Walking had started in the dreary dark dank days of January, February and March. So you can imagine the their delight as Cuckoo's Hollow came into view for the very first time. Mallards, moorhens and ducks skimming the water, bullrushs long tall and punching proud heads into the light bright spring night. We practiced some Nordic technique down by the waters edge, not too close swimming was not on the agenda.

On we walked along a leafy wooded track, which blotted out the estate landscape. All we could hear was the point of the poles planting into the ground and the sounds of birds song lound and clear.

It became evident that the Nordic Walkers were delighted with the sights that came into view in the early evening light they remarked at how different it looked to what they had imagined on their damp dark and dank nights of the wintery months. The walk would not have been suitable for dark nights. Hence their joy, amazement and wonder. Even one of our group members who had lived in the area for 25 years was discovering new territories that he had not previously trod.

All too soon the time was marching on and we were approaching the end of the lesson and we had to return to the Sports centre. How far did we walk the group wondered. One lady had a watch with a garmin type device and she had plotted the route. 2.54 miles the walkers were delighted to have walked so far in such a short space of time. Energy levels increase the stresses and strains of the day had simply faded away. Everyone looking forward to the next one.

Do join us next time around, 6.30pm, Thursdays Werrington Centre. You will be pleasantly surprised, one Nordic Walker said " Sue can you find some more walkers to join us?" To which I replied "I will do my best, but do tell your friends and collegues now the evenings are light and the weather is better. It will be easier to pursuade the fair weather walker. The next taster session will be at Bretton Park, on Saturday the 01st of May. It is free but there is a small charge of £2.00 for pole hire." Tel: 01733 766 990 to find out more and how you can join in the Nordic Walking throng.