Saturday, 31 July 2010

Map your Nordic ski Walk route in Peterborough- route630475: Nordic Walk Route for RH

Map your cross-country ski in UK - route630475: Nordic Walk Route for designed for an Active Workplaces Project Royal Hoskoning
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During the past six weeks, Wednesday lunchtimes,Sue Burnett, British Nordic Walk, Instructor (INWA) has been teaching levels 0-6 Nordic Walking techniques, for Royal Hoskoning and is confident the ladies will be able to Nordic Walk this route at next week's session with confidence, improve and vary it over the next 6 weeks of their Active Workplaces program. It's a delight and great pleasure for Sue to meet the ladies who like to Nordic Walk at lunch, we haven't quite convinced the guys yet there seems to be stigma and resistance for guys to get out Nordic Walking. The lure of volleyball, the gym and running serve too great a distraction for some...

Let's hear it from the boys!

After Mark learnt how to Nordic Walk (aka Nordic ski-walk) at a previous Active Workplaces program, he was very keen to continue his Nordic Walking journey to better health, fitness and eventually sports. He's been attending Active Edge Solutions improver group every week since the end of his Active Workplaces program earlier this year. Mark said " it's given me a new purpose to my fitness becuase of a previous injury I can no longer run, this is perfect and really fills by fitness gap"

The Active Edge Solutions
, Thursday and Friday improver groups are attracting the guys and some weeks the guys out number the girls. Once you get into it you will improve your fitness, increase your intensity and work out effectively and soon you will realise it's not a lightweight workout! So boys what are you waiting for? Christmas? When the snow is on the ground? Time to throw off your shackles and rise to the Nordic Walking challenge.

Here's why?

When Sue's been out and about with her Nordic Walking poles she's often asked by GUYS about what she is doing. She simply replies " Nordic Walking " and they become interested because she explains "it's like Cross-Country Skiing and it's only a matter of time before the guys start to take it a bit more seriously and learn how to Nordic Walk for sports.

After all Cross-country skiing - aka Biathlon, is a fantastic work out of the highest calibre. Biathletes and cross-country skiers are renowned for high levels of total body fitness of mind and body. It's great for those looking to achieve the same intensity as running and without the high levels of impact on the joints and bones. "

"It's also ideal for those, who need to loose weight for health benefits, to increase aerobic capacity, increase calorie expenditure, reduce stress on joints, improve motivation to increase physical activity, have orthopedic problems, athletes recovering from injury and atheletes seeking to cross-train to improve their chosen mainstream activity. There is really something in learning Nordic (SKI) walking for everyone! "

Map My Success...

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Successfully mapped GPS route kindly donated by a regular Nordic Walker.
Recently I came across some really useful tools and in the absense of my own personal GPS gadet which let's face it are quite an expense and probably one most of us cannot afford or justify the expenditure on such a technical gadget.

Have you ever noticed that many people afford them despite the poverty they plead. Not me, when things improve it would be a useful investment, a great motivational tool and enable me to better do what I do.

So, let's look at how some FREE devices that can help you in the meantime to log your route, keep records of your workout and keep motivated towards your success.

Here are three great tools for success in mapping your routes, each one will help you to map your route easily and effecively whether you cycle, run, walk or cross-country ski ( aka NORDIC WALK) -

Useful tool number one: Mapmyrun

Useful tool number two: Mapmywalk

Useful tool numher three:

All useful tools to help you with your success and I'm certain there are many others out there, these have been recommended by regular clients and associates for ease of use. I encourage you to try them out for yourself let me know how you get on and perhaps give me some feed back on these and other tools you might use. Take care, have fun and keep actively doing what you do!

Don't Chase After the Times...

Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training Werrington Joggers Guesstimate - Tuesday
27th July, got a second place only 10 seconds adrift of the predicted time of 37:47 actual time 37:57 and it would have been easy to have squeezed in an extra 10 seconds quicker. Almost did not get to the race, forgot it was on and was surprised to see so many people at the event especially my friend Gill Baldry. I ran the whole time chatting to my long time freind who happened to turn up that evening rather than ...focussing on the race. They say don't chase after the times they will come to you. Obviously true on this occasion.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Nordic Walking Mainly in the Meadows...

Monday was an admin day, catching up with lots of chores and then week get underway for some lovely health and fitness Nordic Walking and fitness activities. Tuesday was great for the last Active Workplaces fitness session for the Peterborough and Stamford Hospital groups. There were 5 who wore smiley hearts, green, pink, red, blue, purple and orange. This was to celebrate and know they were doing something good for their heart, their mind and their body. We celebrated our new found fitness activity with a Nordic Walk down to the was brilliant...We HEART NORDIC Walking...

Wednesday was wonderful for the U3A gang of 11 Monika, Bruce, Gerri, Elaine, Michael, Gwen, John, Len, Connie, Colin & Len who were enthused and delighted with their Nordic Walk on the meadows, a NORDIC Walk that exceeded their expectations. We warmed up the muscles and set off, Nordic Walked along a track, a grassy meadow and a lovely trail. The group spread out along the trail, some walking a little faster than others. It was a wonderful sight to see. After an hour or so's Nordic Walking we got back to our starting point for a cool down, faces were turning a little pink, there was some breathlessness and a BIG cheesy grin from Elaine who was like a cheshire cat who had got the cream.

Thursday Improvers also made their way to the meadows, Mark, Lynda, Janet and Andrew, were trail blazing along the track. We found a nice grassy bank to develop our hill techniques and improve pole action took place to help improvers develop fitness level walking and increase the upper body workout. After the technical work, Andrew really took off his Nordic Walking stance improved and he really found the power in his poles...Mark bought a set of poles last week and his technique is really coming along a treat. Next week he will be Nordic Walking in RHODES with his traveller poles...Our route had a country feel in the midst of URBANIZATION, we found a thatched cottage post office, through a BLUEBELL WOOD, funghi, an owl's hoot and two GREEN WOODPECKERS sitting on the path. So close to civilisation, it was such a wonderful walk. The last stretch was a big NORDIC Walking Strides along the lakeside, where the boys got beads of perspiration on the foreheads, yes we were into FAT BURNING zone. Our walk was 3.75 miles of unadulterated Nordic Walking. Join us next time you might be surprised.

Friday Was a monster day for Nordic Walk, our adventure started at 10:00am at Bretton Park, the Highlees Spinney. Then at 1.30 pm, down to the meadows for the second nordic walk of the day and the second nordic walk of the week for the U3A. WOW! it is suprising at how Nordic Walking is transforming the health and fitness for so many.

U3A member, Shirley, was sharing with me how well she had improved her walking speeds this was unheard of for her for such a long time. With nordic walking, for her, faster speeds were possible and confidence in her own abilities improving Nordic Walk by Nordic Walk!

Final Nordic Walk of the day and the week was back to the meadows at 18:30 pm and three lovely ladies were new to Nordic Walking as we began the session a VIRGIN hot air balloon was rising gently off the meadow. What a sight to behold, what a week, what a NORDIC week more Nordic Walking adventures in store!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Helping hands for the RNLI Marathon runners!

This was a lovely testimonal message from the RNLI after the work we did for their team of runners raising valuable funds. Well done one and all.

"To Sue at Active Edge Solutions ISRM Marathon Massage Team.
Thank you so much for your help at the RNLI Flora London Marathon reception 2009. We hope you enjoyed the day.
The runners all had a great time and many have commented on how fantastic the massage was! You made a real difference.

We hope to see you next year!
From Allie and Tehmina, RNLI Events Team

ISRM Sports Massage teams support the London Marathon charities every year. The runners so look forward to the revival of tried aching and weary legs. Through effective sports massage marthon runners waste and toxins removed from tired legs can help improve rate of recovery.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Summer of Solstic Prize Draw!

YOUR CHANCE TO WIN...This summer, get Solstic and a chance to win so much more with The ‘Summer of Solstic’ Giveaway. Not only is the world getting energised with the natural ingredients of Solstic Energy, but for a limited time, every pack of Solstic you purchase increases your chances of winning in our fantastic ‘Summer of Solstic’ free prize draw. Nature’s Sunshine Distributors and Preferred Customers will receive one ‘Free Prize Draw Ticket’ for every box of Solstic Energy (30) purchased between 1st July 2010 and 31st August 2010.

To be in with a chance of winning one or more of these fantastic giveaways, simply retain your ‘Prize Draw Tickets’ and hand in the ticket stubs at the registration desk at the Nature’s Sunshine National Meeting, which takes place on 12th September at The Holiday Inn Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon.

To become a Distributor or Preferred Customer you will save a massive 30% off Solstic Energy and for full details of the Great Prize Giveaway AND extra Monthly Bonus Prizes, please send me a contact request

Next Week's Greeniversity Courses

Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

~ Sunday 25th July ~

Bus Walk – Tea in the Village A refreshing walk for all ages with an experienced teacher

Pedal-Powered Cinema - Watch an incredible movie powered by a special bicycle – why not lend some leg power?

~ Monday 26th July ~


Overcome your fear of public speaking, have fun and make new friends

~ Wednesday 28th July ~

Wildflower Walk -Take a gentle stroll through Ferry Meadows and learn about wildflowers

~ Thursday 29th July ~

Nordic Walking Taster Session -Learn to keep fit, improve your well-being and be more active with an innovative walking technique

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on our forum go to: Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

School of Everything | Nordic Walking Taster Session

Quote: Life is not a dress rehersal - Shakespeare

According to Shakespeare we are here for one life and it is not a rehersal for the real thing. You have only one go at it and you deserve to have the best one you can live. Sue has been helping many people to improve their lives through better health and fitness through Nordic Walking holistic therapies and personal training.

Let's say you are interested in losing weight, increasing fitness, promoting your well being. You can learn more about Nordic Walking for better health, fitness and weightloss or weight management. This session would be an ideal way for you to find out a bit more about how Nordic Walking can help you to reach these goals keep your comittment to a new healthier, fitter you. Let Sue Burnett, British Nordic Walk INWA instructor teach you the skills necessary for a better way of life. You can book your place now to avoid disappointment. Contact Sue M: 07901 937 665 w: Active Edge Solutions

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Health Support in Peterborough - Active Edge Nordic Walk Club | Clubbz - Find Health Support clubs near Peterborough.

Health Support in Peterborough - Active Edge Nordic Walk Club Clubbz -
Your first years membership to the Active Edge Nordic Walk Club is included free with our Introduction to Nordic Walking 6 hour program. Membership includes various opportunties to enter events, walks, club nights, meets, masterclasses and other activities provided by the Active Edge Nordic Walking club at a concessionary price. - Picture - The Board Walk

Your Active Edge Nordic Walking club also welcomes social membership from those that wish to Fitness Walk, Ramble or Hike with the group, we realise that not everyone wants to use poles, and we would prefer you to consider our Social membership. Do contact us for details about the social membership option. You never know your social walker may in time decide to become an Active Edge Nordic Walker. Do encourage your friends, colleagues and family to join some of our fun and very sociable activites.

To find our more about Active Nordic Walking membership and social membership contact British Nordic Walk Instructor - Sue Burnett : 07901 937 665 or visit our website for more information about courses, events and activities.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

About Active Workplaces - Active Workplaces - LIVING SPORT

About Active Workplaces - Active Workplaces - LIVING SPORT

Active Workplaces is a program where your company can benefit from a program of free fitness led classes. This will also help to motivate your staff, improve wellbeing, encourge them to become more active and improve their health through this exciting program. Each instructor is qualified to a high level and the programs offered are varied so there is something for everyone. Eg. Nordic Walking, Jogging, Running, Women's only fitness, Aerobics, Circuits, Football fit to name but a few.

In times such as these everyone is challenged and want more from their staff and this can have an impact on your staff and workforce. In many companies moral is at all time low.
One way to motivate your staff and encourage them to improve their health and fitness is to arrange an Active Workplaces Fitness session for your company it will really help boost your staff their moral and help them to deal with their stress levels.

Earlier this year in February Sue Burnett YMCA Qualified Personal Trainer delivered her first active workplace fit session to Hampton College, the staff found the session was fun, lively and invigourating. It was just what they needed to help them switch off from the stress and strains of the day.
Some of the fun fitness sessions that Sue Burnett is currently offering various programs which include GYM Fit Friday for the YMCA and an introduction to Nordic Walking to various companies in Peterborough. These are really going down a treat.
To arrange your Active workplace Fitness session contact Ejaz Moghul at Living Sports About Active Workplaces - Active Workplaces - LIVING SPORT or if you have used your 12 sessions and would like to arrange more for you company then contact Sue Burnett direct to arrange private company group fitness sessions. Hope to see you at an Active workplaces fitness session real soon.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Greeniversity Courses

This Week's Greeniversity Courses
Here are a range of courses available this week at the Greeniversity, isn't it about time you signed up for your course?

The Business of Heritage
09:30 - 14:00
Happiness Through the Art of Meditation
19:30 - 21:00
Baby Cafe
00:00 - 23:59
Summer Fete at Eye Primary School
12:00 - 16:00
Drum Circle
19:00 - 20:30
Nordic Walking Taster Session
09:15 - 09:45
Bus Walk - Tea in the Village
12:00 - 17:11
18:30 - 20:45
Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products
17:30 - 18:30
Wildflower Walk
13:00 - 15:00

To sign up for any of these wonderful courses click on the Greeniversity and you can get your place reserved. Look forward to seeing you soon on a Greeniversity course. All the tutors are friendly and passionate about what they do, what are you waiting for, sign up for something new today! Enjoy your course.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Facebook | Learn to Nordic Walk for Health & Fitness

Facebook Learn to Nordic Walk for Health & Fitness

Hope you had a great weekend and are now refreshed and looking forward to your learn to Nordic Walking course.

The next Peterborough based LEARN to NORDIC WALK will start:

Friday the 16th of JULY at 18:30 pm or on the first available Friday that minimum numbers are reached.

This and each follow on introductory course will run for 4 weeks x 1.5 hours - Peterborough location to be advised. This will be confirmed once sufficient numbers are reached. To book your place on this course please complete the attached forms downloads available on the website and return it to me with your payment at the earliest opportunity. You can either post it or pop round - just give me a call first to arrange if it's the latter. Let me know should any questions arise. Look foward to hearing from you soon. Please pass this information to any friends who you think might benefit from learning this fantastic activity for better health, fitness and wellbeing.

Facebook | BUSHY 10k Extras, Nordic Walk Sample, Sports Massage and Nutrition

Facebook BUSHY 10k Extras, Nordic Walk Sample, Sports Massage and Nutrition:

"Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training Bushy 10K Boosters! 20% Extra for all sports massage bookings made in JULY that follow on from this event...WOW! Quote code B10K20 and an extra 20% treatment will boost your race recovery and race performance no end. If that isn't good enough you will also get 20% off all Sports Nutrition for all sports nutrition orders placed on line with the code B10K20 - You can try our FREE on-line HEALTHY Lifestyle questionnaire too!" Enjoy have fun and keep on running - Sue x

Happy BUSHY SUNshiny Day!

Facebook Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training

Back from BUSHY 10K what a day! Very hot especially in the Sports Hall. Well done to all those that ran and a big thank you to those that took a well earned massage treat to boost race performance and recovery and sample a sports nutrition booster too. It was wonderful to help some lovely people people prior to, during and after the race to reduce pain and increase perfomance, improve recovery with SPORTS MASSAGE, better NUTRITIONAL support and inspire better health and fitness through NORDIC WALKING! Pre race hints and tips for careful runners to get the best from a very hot run. Extremely well done to those that had a superb sports massage, to ease away the stresses and strains of the day. Your support helps me to deliver this fantastic sports massage to others and help them relieve pain and discomfort enabling more action and less pain.

Happy Nature's SUNshiny Day! Why was my washing so crispy when I got home! This is called severe dehydration. TOP HEALTH TIP for hot weather do hydrate well especially runners, sports people and everyday folks. This could be your body and not my washing on severe water depletion. Try minty cool refreshing LIQUID CHLOROPHYL and super healthy vitamin B rich SOLSTIC ENERGY drink encourages you to drink more water and help increase hydration levels and may boost your recovery and race performance. Do quote code B10K20 to get your BUSHY 10k Boosters savings on these and other fantastic sports nutrition products featured today at the BUSHY 10K. Great for everyday folks too. Until next time. KEEP well HYDRATED, KEEP good HEALTH, KEEP more ACTIVE.

Wordle - Boost

Wordle - Boost: Personal Training by Active Edge Solutions, can boost your health and fitness. Enjoy the image.
Fantastic Energy Boosts today at Bushfield 10k Sports Massage Extra 20% on all bookings made in July, and 20% off sports nutrition products booked on line. All to boost your personal performance in Health, Fitness or Sports... Enjoy! Sue Burnett Personal Trainer

"Wordle: Boost"