Thursday, 30 September 2010

Getting More People, More Active, More Often: PETERBOROUGH

Join Active Edge Solutions and Get Back INTO A healther lifestyle!

Everyone, young or old, needs to lead an active lifestyle to stay or become healthier. By increasing your activity might have a postitive and immediate impact on you and your loved one's lives. You will start to feel better about yourself, increase your energy levels, improve sleep patterns and be better able to cope with stress and anxiety.

Active Edge Solutions is on a mission to persuade more people, to be more active, more often. Are you up for it? If you are, why don't you sign up for one of our GET BACK INTO a healthier lifestyle courses this autumn. Nothing to loose, but a few pounds, lots to gain, a healthier lifestyle - 'Priceless'.

Many health guidelines suggests we should take up to 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity, five days a week, this would be enough to improve your health. 'Every little helps' – whether you Fitness Walk for 5 minutes, go to the gym for 10 minutes or Nordic walk for 20 minutes. Once you've experienced the thrill of getting active, you'll soon find you're reaching that recommended daily levels of 30 minutes.

At your Active Edge Solutions fitness classes or personal training, you’ll find the encouragement, support and the motivation you need to help you increase your activity levels.

We're here to encourage you. So remember, whatever time you can fit in, it all adds up to a more Peterborough people, being more active, more often.

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Nordic Fun Walk 10th of the 10th 2010 Birthday Celebrations

Active Edge Solutions - Personal Training is throwing down the gauntlet. We have Nordic FUN Walkers entered in the GREAT EASTERN Fun Run, 4km let's make it 10 or more for the 10th celebration. Who will join us in the fun 4km on the 10th of the 10th 2010?

To enter the event on line click here: on-line entries

Time to put those poling skills into action.

We will celebrate this birthday with a fun Nordic Walk in the City of Peterborough and have a BIG BIRTHDAY cake complete with candles. We would love you to join us it will be great fun and a fantastic atmosphere. Feel good, feel happy, feel the fun factor with a capital 'F'. Nordic Walk for FUN this October!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


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REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network

REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network
This year the REPs convention is a must for all health and fitness professionals who wish to gain the active edge on the health and fitness industry. The Leisure Industry Week, opened today 21 September with an opening keynote speech from the fitness industry association and the REPs convention opens with a speech from John Byers (REPS) 23 September.

It's an ideal place for health and fitness professionals to network with the UK leaders in the Leisure, Sports, Health and Fitness Industry. On show will be a great range of suppliers and providers, for indoor play operators, networking opportunities, leisure facilities, sports , pool and spa, healtha and fitness industry.

You will also find out more about tools for your trade which range from the Goal accerator System designed to help your gym keep it's current members happy and generate new membership sales to tools that help you build a successful fitness business. The guys who has set up the systems have invited many health and fitness professionals to find out more about these and other systems. I've reserved a copy of my FREE book and intend to pick it up at the show. When I attend the convention on Thursday.

There's an exciting day lined up at the REPS convention, it'll be jam packed with exciting fitness news and workshops that will help me gain the active edge on the fitness industry this year. I'll report back on this later this week. Calling all Personal Trainers out there that work in a Gym or are freelance you may be missing some valuable opportunties should you miss the biggest leisure industry event of the year. Hope to see you there.

Monday, 6 September 2010

REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network

REPs National Convention 2010 - The Active Network

Just booked my place on the Register of Exercise Professionals convention for the Leisure Industry Week and it looks like it will be fantastic event for all health and fitness professionals. Last year I missed out on my place for the REPS covention so I thought it would be prudent to make sure this was not the case this year. Plus there 4 CPD points to be gained by attending, some great keynote speakers and workshops to attend plus a FREE place to LIW.

As an Active Edge Solutions Health and Fitness specialist it is important for me to stay up to date with industry trends and find out new and inspirational ideas. It is also a great place for networking with other health and fitness professionals so I hope to catch up with some of my industry friends at the event and make some new friends. Looking forward to a fantastic REPS convention and LIW. I'm up for car sharing, reducing carbon footprint and being more sociable so if there other health and fitness professionals travelling from my neck of the woods. Please get in touch.

Naturopathic Nutritionist Talk- Why Detox?

Great news! Naturopathic Nutritionist Saira Salmon, will be an honoured guest speaker at this months Regional Nature Sunshine meeting.

The Peterborough Regional Nature Sunshine meeting will be held Tuesday night, 7th September, at the Haycock Hotel, London Road, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6JA .
At this Regional meeting Saira will talk about all the various facts that she has researched on why people need to detox and she will talk about our detox including some of the supporting products like, liquid chlorophyl to promote natural cleansing functions, bifidophfilus milk to replace your good bacteria, Milk Thistle to help detox and rejuvenate your liver.

The meeting will start with an overview of Nature’s Sunshine for new guests and after Saira’s presentation there will be a look at the business opportunity with Nature’s Sunshine, some tips to building a successful business and tips on promoting the healthy herbal detox. Registration is from 7pm and the meeting starts at 7.30pm promptly. Kim Briggs, Clinton Sellers and Teri Rigby look forward to seeing you there. You are warmly invited to attend this meeting as guest by Sue Burnett, Personal Trainer, Active Edge Solutions. No time to attend the evening try our free Habit of Health questionnaire and find out how healthy you are.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Next Week's Greeniversity!

"Next Week’s FREE Greeniversity Courses:

Sunday 5th September

Nene Way Upstream

Take a leisurely walk through some of Peterborough’s natural landscape with an experienced leader

Tuesday 7th September

Why DETOX Yourself?

Learn how to become naturally healthier with an herbal detox

For further details, to enrol on any of these free courses or to chat on our forum go to:

Greeniversity is the free and easy choice for learning green skills and making friends"