Friday, 16 August 2013

Daily Mail Features Liquid Chlorophyll - A MUST HAVE WONDER DRINK

NSP LIquid Chlorophyll Dail Mail Wonder Drink
Hi , I hope you are having an awesome August. I've always known that Nature's Sunshine's Liquid Chlorophyll is a fantastic product which I drink every day and offer a free glass of this green nectar to massage clients who have had  treatments to help eliminate waste and toxins, and now the Daily Mail tells us why celebrities and superstars are hailing this as the new 'Must Have Wonder Drink' , AND they recommend the Nature's Sunshine brand!
If you missed monday's article on page 43 of the Daily Mail, you can read it here by using the link below:
Daily Mail - 'Must Have Wonder Drink'
This is a brilliant news feature that not only explains what Chlorophyll is, but goes on to promote all the fantastic benefits of this amazing product, AND, recommends readers to:
"look out for the Nature's Sunshine brand, which has added spearmint oil to 
give it a fresh minty taste".
Until next time, enjoy the Nature's Sunshine this weekend.  Love, Sue x

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