Wednesday, 20 August 2014

So you think you are fit, how is your mind shaping up?

Training for the marathon it's mind over matter or is it? I've seen people beat themselves up mentally because the haven't got the time they wanted even though they have achieved such an amazing feat as running a marathon.  How can this be? I understand that training your mind is like training for a marathon and it can help you gain supreme self confidence in running your life and overcome adversities and limiting beliefs. 

It is time energy and effort that makes the difference from mentally jogging from start to finish to knowing exactly how to improve your brain performance and smash you personal brain best. Simply listening to a hypnotic CD or watching a video doesn' t quite cut it.   To speed up the results some Postive energy from EFT might help or so I have learned in more recent times.  

Time energy and effort like training for the marathon are what it takes to get your mind in it's best possible shape. Knowing how to train the body comes easily when it becomes a way of life.  Now that I have discovered my brain needs to shape up it is the time to start the training plan.   

It was earlier this year when I realised that my mind was not quite where it needs to be in terms of mental fitness but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Only today I discovered that I really wanted to claim my own mental fitness back.   I have managed to train for a marathon, triathlon, 50+ mile sportives and an Open University degree so by having a new training goal it seems that I can become a better version of me and gain supreme confidence and become unstoppable. 

So how come an OU degree wasn't enough to get my brain in the right shape?   It seems that in spite of having a positive outlook on life and people tell you that you are one of the most motivated people they know suddenly you know that areas of your life are simply not shaping up.  Last year I almost talked myself out of doing something I really wanted to do and several times I have talked myself out of doing things I am quite capable of easily doing and it wasn't until today I realised it might be that my brain needs a bit of training to get it into it's best ever shape. 

Having suffered from more than my fair share of traumatic situations, stress of stress, anxiety and depression which I will not go into here. I have decide to bite the bullet and work on training my brain to make it get it into it's best shape.  It is a different kind of training, and having applied training techniques to my body if neglected it can quickly get out of shape. It can easily lose fitness and gain body fat the same it seems can happen to the mind.  Now if it's to be it's up to me.  So my new mental fitness plan starts as soon as these books arrive from Amazon, here's to shaping up my brain, overcome adversity and running the best race of life. If you have read this post and think you brain is out of shape, you might like to start your training plan today.  You can now claim your own mental fitness. I'm going to are you? 

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